Funny pictures from our childhood days

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on April 14, 2015

TCT brings to you 11 amazingly hilarious and super funny pictures from the childhood days! Take a look at them for a good laugh

We all love our childhood pictures. Going through them is indeed a lot of fun. Brings back such beautiful memories! They take us back in time. Besides, some of them have hilarious stories behind them. Those pictures often talk about our early days and those of our siblings, the cousin who would flaunt her heavily branded clothes and that friend of the grandmother who would laugh so loud, that birthday cake which we never got to eat because it got finished before we even reached the venue:D

Have a look at these embarrassing yet so adorable pictures. I’m sure some of them will remind you of your childhood days!

Funny pictures 01

Dearest mom and dad- winters are coming not ice age!

Funny pictures 02

They spoilt our first birthday picture by putting all the icing (deliberately) on our face! How mean!!

Funny pictures 03

They thought clowns were so funny and we would love to play with them. Oh! No no! Stay away, you creepy clown!

Funny pictures 04

They let us sleep at awkward places and in awkward positions.

Funny pictures 05

They made us taste things that were bigger than our mouth!

Funny pictures 06

No! We didn’t make that mess. It was them all along. We were made to pose on that messy floor so that they could take a picture and blame us much later!

Funny pictures 07

They made us taste lemons just to click our weird expressions and have a laugh. Duh! That wasn’t our idea of a tequila shot!

Funny pictures 08

They took us for joyrides thinking we are going to love it! Really?! Not a great way I say!

Funny pictures 09

They left us to do our business. You thought that’s how we are going to get potty trained! LOL, now please don’t mind the mess 😀

Funny pictures 11

What a great way of giving me such a news!

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  1. hillarious! Couldnt stop laughing… you’re doing such a wonderful job. Always excited to see such posts.

  2. I laughed out loud at all of them! Especially that poor kid in the toilet!!! Gold- his parents need to print that, put it on a t-shirt and distribute at his 18th birthday! Evil and loving at the same time 😉

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