5 Ways to deal with people who doubt your parenting skills

Now, deal with naysaying MIL’s friends, doubting SILs, and hassling cousins who are always doubting your parenting skills with these 5 amazing tips! 

Parenting is a funny word. It’s funny because no one really knows what it really means. To some, it could mean strict while to others it could mean permissive or neglectful. In most cases, it is mixed with certain other and completely opposite emotions such as love, fear, and anger.Parenting skills 01

So, when I told my friends about how I was trying my hands at writing, one asked- “Writing what?” I said I am blogging about parenting, and they laughed at me. “What do you know about parenting, anyway?” one friend asked out loud.  And the other laughed it off saying- “Having a baby doesn’t make you an expert at parenting.”

But, anyway… I am only hoping that those people who ever and at all doubted my parenting skills might get it someday that it was never easy dealing with them. It’s fine that you have been curious or experienced, however, that doesn’t quite mean that you would sit there and watch me change my baby’s diaper or swaddle the little one to sleep while you judged me all along. You didn’t have rights to pass comments on my parenting skills

But then, you did. To be continued…

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