Does one size fits all work well in parenting?

Parents often use a one-size-fits-all approach with their children. Here is what I think. You might not agree with my thoughts, but do give this post a gentle read

Right from when I got pregnant to having a baby to raising a toddler to planning a second one, I am happily receiving parenting tips on how to do this..and how to do that.. At times I listen to them all- quite patiently and then there are times when it gets so difficult to digest certain material that I feel like throwing it all up in the form of a verbal vomit. You know why? Cause what seems to have worked perfectly well with you might not or will never work the same way in my case.One size fits all 01

Let’s face the truth! A mandarin and an orange can look similar but they aren’t quite as same. You know what I mean?

So, during pregnancy, if I ate for two, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that my baby will come out weighing 8 pounds! Or, if I don’t potty train my baby at 2, then he will never learn how to crap in the toilet! As an Indian mother, you would have (at some point or the other) followed the one-size-fits-all approach with your children as well. If two kids in my house {I live in a joint set-up ;)} are crying for a toy and I choose not to give it to either of the two then I am really being stupid. Because, in a way I am punishing them both. For what? To be continued…

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