7 Clever single parenting tips and hacks for daily use

by Udita Saklani

Check out 7 most-clever parenting tips and hacks for single moms and dads too!

Parenting is hard, and being a single mom makes the stakes even higher. As a single parent, managing everything can be quite a task, with ever-growing emotional as well as physical demands of the kids. I have been living solo with my little one ever since she was 10 months old. Apart from the daily challenges of the baby, I face a lot of emotional upsets and breakdowns in the entire day. Thankfully, my parents acted as my cushion, who have till date lent me emotional as well as financial support.

I am thankful to them for being all ears to my rant, my breakdowns and my low moments. But I always try to not load them with the additional responsibility of my child and of course mine as well. After all, I am 29 now, and I don’t really want them to load more at this age when they actually should be relaxed of the life ahead and not be tensed of the impending future. Day -to-day responsibilities can often result in pressure, fatigue, and anxiety. I am not an expert in parenting nor do I intend to be, but as a mom on the single-parenting route, I would like to share some of the daily hacks I follow in my day-to-day routine which makes mine as well as my baby’s life easier and sorted:parenting-tips-01

1. Make quick and easy breakfast or snacks:

Since I am a working mom, I tend to make quick and easy breakfast dishes for my little one. This is because mornings are the busiest part of the day for me, and making something easy and simple makes things more easy for me. Some of the recipes which I generally give to my little one are: egg mash, stuffed parantha, Sooji Halwa (semolina pudding) with nuts. All the mentioned recipes hardly take any time and are quite filling and nutritious.parenting-tips-02

2. Keep your net pack on your mobile carrier updated:

As funny or as vague it might seem, but yes this is the hack for today’s Wi-Fi kids. Yes, I use that term for kids of this generation. I am sure married couples will also agree to this. I discovered this thing when I had to take my baby for her passport appointment. My net card was sorted and it came as a huge help when I went for the appointment because in the midst I had to fill out certain forms and go running to the Xerox guy to get my papers sorted. All I did was handed the little one my phone and opened Youtube and asked her to sit at one place while I did all the paperwork, with obviously an eye on her. She was cranky in the beginning but after a while looked okay.parenting-tips-03

3. Always be prepared:

Whenever I leave home with baby, by my side I always ensure that I have just the right stuff in my bag which might come handy at any point in time. I always keep diaper, wipes, water sipper, some snacks and a set of fresh and clean clothes in my bag when stepping out of the house. Being prepared is important for all parents, but even more so for single parents since they are the only ones handling all the physical as well as emotional needs of their kids.parenting-tips-04

4. Take prior doctor appointments for vaccination rounds:

Vaccines are an important part of bringing up today’s kids. To avoid standing in the line, I book my appointments with the doctor almost two weeks prior to the actual date and I also tend to make their payments online. So the only thing left is the vaccination fees, which I pay on the spot only. This helps you save a lot of time, plus you don’t have to always look out for your hyper active toddler while you are standing in the queue to take an appointment.parenting-tips-05

5. Look out for multi-tasking strategies:

Though I travel to the office, but there are times when I have to work from home. It’s primarily when my little one, is not well, or when the day care is closed. As a single mom we are already multitasking as far as emotions and relations are concerned, so working while you have engaged a play session for the kid should not be a daunting task.parenting-tips-06

6. Always plan things in advance:

Yes, planning is definitely necessary for all spheres of life, and single mom is no exception. In this part of the world where I live India, festivals are one thing which I like the most. Apart from the regular pomp and show, I also have to be prepared for various events at my child’s day care. I always plan well in advance be it some art and craft or a fancy dress prep, so that I don’t have to run knick knack at the last moment. Make the calendar or your daily journal you best friend.parenting-tips-07

7. Learn to say no:

It might sound negative, as to why I am even talking about it, but yes this is necessary. Saying ‘No’ not only to your kids but to anyone and everyone who wants more from you than actually, you can give. True every mom wishes to be a superwoman, but it is actually okay to say ‘NO’ under certain circumstances, as you are the only one taking care of the home as well as working outside.parenting-tips-08

In the end, all, I would like to say is that single parents and kids do flourish. No, I haven’t done my homework on this. I don’t know any famous people or celebrities who were single parents or kids to single parents. But I have a firm belief for me and my child that things will definitely turn in our favor one fine day. Frankly speaking not sure, of what the future holds for us, but we are here constantly trying to make our present worth living.

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