8 Useful Karwachauth Fasting Tips For New Mothers

Are you a new mother who is fasting on Karwachauth? Or are you that mother who is keeping a fast this Karwachauth and whose baby is on breastfeeding? Well! Then, this Karwachauth fasting tips post is definitely a must-read for you.

What is Karwachauth?

First of all, to all my international readers, let me start by explaining what Karwachauth really means. ‘Karwa’ means a pot and ‘Chauth’ means fourth. This one-day festival is observed particularly by married and to be married North-Indian women. They fast from sunrise to moonrise for the prosperity and longevity of their husbands. But, while wanting to maintain a healthy relationship with her husband and the in-laws, a wife, a daughter-in-law and a mother can’t sacrifice her health and fitness. That’s why The Champa Tree brings a few useful fasting and healthy living tips this Karwachauth, especially for a new mother.

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A good and healthy relationship is the one which has love, joy and fullfillment of our basic needs and responsibilities. For all this staying fit and healthy is important. It is said, if the health of a mother is good, then the family health is good as well.

So, this Karwachauth, let’s follow a few useful fasting and healthy eating tips to make sure the woman of the house stays fit and happy! After all, it’s not just about a husband’s prosperity, but, all in all, it’s about a happy and a healthy family

8 Karwachauth fasting tips for new mothers:

Most of the common issues faced by women across age-groups who are fasting especially on Karwachauth are acidity, nausea, low blood pressure, migraines, etc. As for a nursing mother, there are hunger issues to cope with. So, here are a few tips that one can follow before, during and after the fast to stay fit and fine even days after the fast, when the repercussions are felt:

Before the fast:

1. Consume a moderate amount of Sargi

The ritual of eating a meal (sargi) before the sun rises includes sweets, paranthas, milk and semolina, dry fruits and fruits. For a nursing or a new mother, it is suggested that she can also go a bit of the tradition. Why? Because paranthas and sweets can be really heavy. Such food items can cause acidity. If at all you want to eat all heavy/oily food items, be sure to hydrate yourself well to keep it going till the moon rise. Or else, introduce modern dietary elements in your sargi.

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2. Non-traditional Sargi

Opt for a whole wheat bread with cottage cheese and potatoes. Have it as a grilled sandwich with a glass of juice and a handful of nuts (soaked almonds, raisins, walnuts, figs).  Banana shake is also a good option. This will ensure you have had proteins and carbs that should take care of you for the day. Cleanse off your digestive system with a glass of coconut water. Basically, consume a low-fat diet to avoid acidity or a sudden bloated feeling and wash it down with all-natural electrolyte.

During the fast:

3. Modify your fast

Yes! You heard me right. Your health is important. Besides, you are also taking care of your little one. Most of the working women/mothers/new mothers have been choosing to ‘fast right’. How? Introduce water/juice/coconut water/tea to your daytime fasting regime. A few sips from time to time will keep your body hydrated. I know a lot of women think it’s just a matter of one day, but well, not all body-types are suited to keep a day long fast! I repeat, health is important. Moreover, a nursing mother needs to keep herself hydrated, NO MATTER WHAT!Karwachauth fasting tips 05

4. Add nuts/fruits to your fasting regime

Nuts are an instant source of good energy. So, a banana or a handful of nuts can be consumed at regular intervals.

5. Avoid consuming too much tea or coffee

I wouldn’t recommend you have tea or coffee at all as it can dehydrate the body causing acidity and nausea.Karwachauth fasting tips 06

After the fast:

6. Break it the subtle way

Don’t break your fast with anything fried and/or food items high in sugar. It is bound to be putting a lot of stress on the digestive system.

7. Hydrate yourself first

 Start with a few sips of water, perhaps coconut water!

8. A wholesome meal

 It is advised that you consume a well-balanced meal that includes vegetables, cottage cheese, homemade curd, wholegrain bread, vegetable rice with pulses and something mildly sweet. Karwachauth fasting tips 07

Word of caution:

Any new mommy who has a condition of diabetes, low BP, low Hb levels should avoid fasting the traditional way. Pregnant and nursing mothers should check with their doctors (gynaecologists and paediatricians) before deciding or avoiding to fast.

Have fun fasting Mommies 🙂

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