How to clean earwax from baby’s ear

Should one really be bothered about how to clean earwax from baby’s ear? Let’s find out!

The earwax that builds up in your baby/infant/toddler’s ear is absolutely harmless. It won’t bother your baby. It will not lead to any ear infections, and it won’t affect baby’s hearing power. However, if you are able to identify with any symptoms in your child which might signal a sort of an ear infection, then in that case- please consult your child’s doctor.How to clean earwax 01

What is an earwax?

Earwax is a completely normal substance (natural secretion) that helps keep germs at bay and protects the inner ear. Moreover, the earwax doesn’t accumulate over the time, instead it eventually falls out (in case of babies).

When to consult child’s doctor?

Get routine examination by asking your child’s pediatrician to check your baby’s ear on regular basis (especially to rule out any ear infection). If there’s a lot of wax that the doctor can’t see the eardrum, then they will remover it anyway. 

How to clean earwax from baby’s ear?

To keep baby’s ears clean, wipe them daily. Simply clean the outer part of your child’s ears with a cotton swab moistened with warm water.

Important tips:

  • One must avoid using or inserting cotton swabs in the ear. Baby’s ear canal is sensitive and inserting the cotton swab may damage (actually puncture) the eardrum. 
  • Sticking an ear bud may lead to pushing the earwax farther inside the canal.
  • Use of hair-pins, bobby pins and home made ear buds (such as placing a ball of cotton on the tip of a matchstick or a toothpick) should be AVOIDED at any cost!
  • Do note that if a teething baby is constantly touching his/her ear, doesn’t imply that he/she is having an ear infection. However, do consult your pediatrician if in doubt.
How to clean earwax 02
This should not be practiced at any cost!




Disclaimer: Please consult your children’s doctor if the symptoms are aggressive. 

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