My Dear Mummy…

Dear Mummy 01

My little eyes were shut. 

With my hands,

I touched you.

Felt as if,

I was close to you.


You took me in a gentle way.

 Kept me near,

To your heart,

Where I could hear

Your heartbeat.


I realized that I was in the arms…

Of someone known,

Someone very known.

A noise jostled me,

But the warmth of your hands

Brought me to peace.

I was overjoyed,

When you tickled my tummy,

That was the first time,

When I saw you, mummy.


My heart whispered, “You are beautiful.”

Big eyes, bushy brows,

Pinkish lips and long hair. Oh! What a flow.

A drop came,

Tumbling down your cheek,

And splashed on my tender face.


You gave me your finger to hold…

I held it,

To swing it, to and fro.

You were smiling,

I was giggling.


It was a moment between you and me.

I simply loved it..each time I would see you

And feel you,

My mummy, dear mummy.

Dear Mummy 03

by Neha Tandon

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