7 Indoor Games And Kids Activities That Are Most Enjoyed By Them

The other day I visited my friend’s place. I saw her 4-year-old daughter glued to the television. My friend was very concerned, but she is not the only parent. Kids of this era are bewitched by mobile phones, hi-tech gadgets, and television. It seems there is a dearth of kids’ activities. that can excite and engage them. Having born in the early ’80s and raised in the 90s, our millennial generation saw the onset of the dish antenna, pager, email ids, and mobile phones. Our childhood had the rawness and novelty hence it is very disheartening to see the kids of this era getting enslaved to gadgets, though few still love to play traditionally. Sharing some of the indoor games for kids activities that help your child in overcoming this menace.

7 Indoor Games & Kids Activities That They Enjoy The Most

7 Kids Activities that are Most Enjoyed by them:

1. Pencil and Paper Games

This reminds me of a very popular traditional Indian game that every house has played and enjoyed. Any guesses folks!! Yes, I am talking about Raja, Mantri, Chor and Sipahi/Police. 

Kids Activities That They Enjoy The Most

How to Play: 

For this, you need 4 players. First, make 4 chits and name them as Raja with 10,000 amt written on it, Mantri 3000, Police 1000 and chor 0. Now fold these chits and toss it. Each of the players picks up a single chit. Whoever gets Raja needs to command the police to catch the thief/chor. The police will then try to get hold of the thief/chor from amongst the two players, who cannot reveal what chits they have received, until and unless the police grab the actual thief. If the police/sipahi catches the wrong thief, then his points will be given to the thief/ chor. This is one of the most liked kids’ activities.

Few more paper-pencil games are Name, Place, Animal, Thing, Fill In the Blanks, Find The Word, Pictionary, etc

2. Picnic Memory Games

This is again a very familiar indoor game for kids; activities. Larger the group, the merrier it is.

7 Indoor Games That Kids Enjoy The Most

How to Play:

In this game 3 – 4 players are needed. Seated in a circle the first player starts the game by saying “I packed my picnic bag with”and then adds the item. The second player has to repeat the entire sentence along with the item added by the first player, followed by his item. Similarly, the third player will have to repeat the whole sentence add the first plus second player item and then his item. This way the game continues. Whoever skips the item or doesn’t follow the sequence is out.

3. Hot Potato

One of the very famous yet simple indoor games for kids’ activities is Hot Potato. This game is similar to passing the parcel. 

Kids Activities

How to Play:

In this game, a group of players (5-6) sit in a circle and need to pass the hanky or a ball to the player sitting immediately next to them while the music is on. If someone holds the ball or hanky, at the time when there is no music. He/she is considered to be out.

4. Board Games or Infotainment Games

Some of the phenomenally popular board games like Scrabble, Scotland Yard, Monopoly, Risk, The Game of Life, Ludo, Snakes, and Ladders, are very famous indoor games for kids’ activities. Legos, not a board game but an interesting and very engaging interlocking-blocks game is also educational for your child.

How to Play:

Generally, it requires 2-4 players. There are a set of rules, instructions, and directions mentioned on each game box which player needs to follow.

Legos Are Educational for Your Child 01
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5. Indoor Hide and Seek

This is the most loved indoor games for kids activities for all ages. My toddler just loves to hide behind the curtains or the doors, underneath the table or bed. This is a favorite game for kids of all ages.

How to Play:

The rule of this game is very simple. Minimum -2 players and Maximum-no limit. One player ( the den )needs to cover his eyes and loudly starts counting the numbers till 10 or 20, while the rest of the players hide. The den has to find out all the other players who are hiding. The first person caught becomes the next den.

6. Carrom Board

Carrom Board is very favorite among children as well as among senior citizens, and it requires the Carrom Board, striker, coins (set of 9 white and 9 black coins) and a beautiful queen( red-colored).

How to Play:

Two to four players are needed for this game. The queen holds 3 points while the coins hold 1 point. Players are divided into two teams of black and white respectively. Each player is supposed to pocket the coins of their own house with the help of strikers. The striker needs to be placed on the designated lines drawn on the board, and it is mandatory to cover the queen with the team color coin once it has been pocketed. 

7. Dumb Charades

Very well-known amongst children and youngsters. This is one of the most famous and enjoyable indoor games for kids’ activities. It needs a relatively larger group. 

How to Play:

A group of 6-7 people is divided into two teams. One team chooses a movie name and tell the member of the opposite team to enact. The member who volunteered to enact has to enact the name of the movie in such a dramatic way and within the speculated time so that his team members can guess it correctly.

These kids’ activities are a great way to gel up and have fun with children. Whether it is a chilly winter morning or a gloomy rainy day or a scorching summer afternoon don’t let the weather decide your merriment. Resort to some of these interesting and fun-filled indoor games for kids’ activities and have a gala time with your friends and family. And the best part about these games is it can be played by any age group. However, the most beautiful part about it is it takes you close to those nostalgic childhood moments which you may have yearned for years.

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  1. Such a great assortment of fun ideas! I’m a mom of eleven children and I’m still looking for fun, cheap, non-digital pastimes. Thank you 🙂