Scariest Thing Ever – Which Was The Scariest Thing As A Child?

We all love our mother. We adore her for the selfless love she showers on us. Though we have all lived in the glory of their love, their anger has always been a matter of terror for us. However brave we are, we always try to avoid a mother’s wrath. It would be the scariest thing ever for us. Why? Is it because she is cruel? No. We know that she would never do a thing that would harm us. But still, we fear her wrath. Words fall short if we try to define this unique relationship. 

So, what is the scariest thing ever?
Scariest thing ever

Growing up, when we think back, those moments when we used to wonder how our mother would react, would be the finest memory you can cherish.

Nowhere else can we see a relationship that is the most secured and yet fearsome, at the same time brimful of love. It is complicated yet the simplest. It is undefinable and magical. You might be a mother yourself but still, you don’t want your mother to know something wrong that you did. How ironic it is! Isn’t it? There is no cosmic law that can explain this phenomenon. Is mother-child relation all about this? Definitely, no. There is no end to it. There has been a lot written about this magic. A lot is yet to be written. Have you read the 25 inspiring mother and child quotes? You will miss your mother after reading them. If you do, pick up your phone and call her. Tell her how much you love her, miss, and reminisce about the scariest moments in your life.

So, was your mother’s wrath a fearsome thing for you? Tell us in the comments about your nostalgic and funniest, yet scariest thing ever. How did you react to ‘I’m gonna tell your mother’?

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