Our Gifts To Children-Thought For The Day

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We all give gifts to our children. Have you ever thought about what should be the gifts to children? Have you ever thought of the importance of these two gifts to our children? Today’s food for thought– 

Our Gifts to Children

Thought for the day - Gifts for children

We should make the roots so strong that that they are growing by the values we give them. The ones who can make their roots so strong that nothing in the universe can shake their resolve. We are ones they look upto, like it or not. Apparently, we often fail to understand how to attain this. In an attempt to make the roots strong, we end up cutting their wings.

As much as we try to instill values in them, we should also not fail to let them have a perspective of their own. We should also give them the freedom and confidence to decide what is good for them. We cannot spoon-feed always. They should be capable of independent thinking. Thus, we can give them wings. Wings that are sprouted from the roots. Sounds poetic but it is what we can give them. If we succeed in giving them both, we succeed in molding them as good human beings and enable them to attain success on their won.

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