Thought For The Day – Mother

Motherhood is magic. TCT has always been telling this. Nonetheless, howsoever times we tell about a mother, we never find it adequate.

The Champa Tree’s thought for the day: Mother

Thought for the day - Mother

“Mother, Life, Happiness, Strength, Comfort, Forever, Nurturing, Unconditional, Cuddles, Inspire, Kisses, Loving, Guidance, Best Friend”

Mother has a role in every stage of your life. Haven’t you ever thought about it? She is the one who moulds your life. She has the capability to give you happiness in the toughest of the circumstances. Her hugs have the magical power of soothing you. She can be the magical source of strength to you during your tough times. The power to kiss the pain away lies within her.

She can give you guidance in every matter that you think she doesn’t know. She can be your best friend who can help you out of any dilemma. Have you ever thought of that possibility? Your mother can be uneducated, unexposed and unsophisticated. But she can find the solution to your most complicated problem. How does she hold the key to your solutions is still a mystery. Perhaps, it is called telepathy. The power to know what is best for you.

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