Thought For The Day – The Kids Are Making Memories

Kids – They are naughty, messy, make your home dirty, and do everything that you never liked. You might be frustrated as you would be someone who likes everything in order. You want them to take the toys back to the place, feed without spillage,  keep the floor dirt free but none of those would happen if you have an overenthusiastic energetic child. If you are worried about what someone would think if they see the house like this, let me tell you that you shouldn’t pay heed to the thoughts of someone who can’t understand how a child would be. If you are someone who gets irritated with the mess, try to understand that this is only for the time being.

They will grow up, have their wings, and fly away to their destiny. Then you will have a lifetime to keep a clean house where you will miss the mess. You will wish those moments to come back but they would not as the moment has passed. The kids were making memories.

The Champa Tree’s thought for the day – Making memories:

Thought for the day - Making Memories

“Please don’t mind the mess. The kids are making memories.”

As we were discussing above, this time will pass. The kids will grow up. They will stop making a mess. They will have their own world and you will wish for those memories to come back but in vain.

You should at least for a while think beyond a clean house unless you have a clinically diagnosed OCD. Let these mess be there. Let it be the story you can tell your grandchildren. These are the memories that you live by, in the future. Next time your child creates a mess, don’t fret over it. Remember that they are making memories. Memories that you cherish. Memories that you live by.

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