Happy Children’s Day – To All Children and Adults With A Child’s Heart

Children’s day is not only a celebration of Chacha Nehru’s birthday. It is also the celebration of childhood and happiness. It’s the time we can think of reviving the innocence in us. There a child in every adult. Recognize the child and pamper it and wish that child a very warm happy children’s day.

The Champa Tree’s wishes all the kids in the world Happy Children’s Day:

This is a fast-moving era. We don’t have time for anything. We often forget to find happiness within. There is no other time to be unconditionally happy than your childhood. Even if we grow up the childhood innocence is still there inside. It is just a matter of time until we bring that child out and find real happiness. Happiness is not created by circumstances. It comes from within. Hence it is in our hands as to whether we should spend our short life within the stress and pressure or whether we need to find the child inside and enjoy your life by staying happy.

children's day

There is a child in each one of us. Let this child come out and play today. Playing need not be physically going out and exerting yourself. Playing can be doing what you enjoy the most. Finding that which you used to love the most as a child and doing it again gives you immense pleasure and a whole new perspective towards life. It could also be a new beginning in our life. Something like a part two–.

On this occasion, why don’t we promise ourselves to be that child again and do whatever you liked as a child? Be crazy and eccentric if that makes you happy. It is all about what makes you happy and satisfied.  Once again, we wish you a happy children’s day. Be the child again.

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