Thought For The Day – Happiness Is Like A Boomerang

We all want to be happy in our lives. We read all the self-help books, visit spiritual gurus, and attend philosophical classes, all for finding the ways to be happy. Have you ever introspected about what makes you happy? If you smile at someone, they will smile in return, even if they don’t know you. Have you ever thought about why? Because happiness is a boomerang. This is today’s food for thought by The Champa Tree.

The Champa Tree’s thought for the day: Happiness is like a boomerang

Thought for the day - Happiness is like a boomerang

You should learn from kids as to how you can stay happy. They spread the smile and positivity all around without expecting anything in return. Why? Because they throw happiness. We, adults, should also learn from them. Without expecting anything in return, spread some happiness. You will be awestruck to see it coming back to you from unexpected corners. It is the vibe that you throw. Magnetically, you attract the positive vibe that you give out. There are no shortcuts or special training required for this. The happiness you give out should come from within. 

So, are you happy today? Are you happy within? So throw it on others and see how it comes back to you like a boomerang.

Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Mom blogger, books lover, fan of new wave cinema, fond of jazz, lounge and classical music. Love to cook Indian & Italian cuisine.

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