A Stroll In The Park For A Refreshing Weekend

Sunday was so much fun as we sauntered around the local park. H in his pram and Me & Ace by his side. Evening whiff of November. H saw little birdies taking a flight in the winter sky. I had a small chat with him about how they migrate to warmer land around this time of the year. I never knew a simple stroll in the park will be so refreshing.

A sneak preview of our stroll around the park:

A stroll in the park

Reconnecting with family should not be very complicated. Something as small as a walk through the lane can do wonders for the relationships with the family members. Nature has this magic too. It was a much-needed break from the routine for me too. Can you see H peeping? Stating at home might have given your unprecedented and unexpected challenges. But let me tell you that you can master staying at home and managing kids simultaneously with little tips and tricks.

Tell us about how you take a break from the routine and how refreshing it is. We are a growing family now. Share the ideas with your fellow members and see if they would help them. Looking forward to your comments.

Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

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