5 Fun And Educational Crafts For Kids

As parents, guardians, and educators, we know how active learning is the most effective way to teach our kids and to keep them interested. We are always on a constant lookout for hands-on educational crafts for kids and activities that are not only fun but also help solidify educational concepts. 

Educational Crafts For Kids - A child colouring

Here are 5 arts and crafts activities that are so fun, your kids may not even realize how educational they are.

Fun and education crafts for kids on subjects ranging from math to geography:

1. Flower word family

Word families are groups of words that have the same ending group of letters and thus have the same ending sound. For example, big, pig, rig, wig are part of the “ig” word family, and can, ban, ran, tan are part of the “an” word family. 

The whole point of the Flower Word Family activity is to use these word families, which will help your kids learn how to read.

Here’s how to play Flower Word Family:

1. Begin by writing the alphabet all around the edge of one of the paper plates that you will be using. 

2. Attach a popsicle stick on the second paper plate. 

3. Cut out 16 small petals and write the following word families: ad, ag, an, ap, at, eg, en, et, ig, in, it, og, ot, ug, un, and ut. 

4. Attach them all around the second paper plate. 

5. Put the first paper plate on top of the second one. Poke a hole in the center with a pair of sharp tip scissors. 

6. Attach the two paper plates together using a pin. Then let kids spin and read the results.

Educational crafts for kids - Same Family Words

2. Fraction pizza

Dreading to teach fractions to kids? Let them visualize fractions as pizza, and their learning will not only be easy but fun as well. 

Using paper plates and a few coloring materials, create paper plate pizzas, then cut them according to the fractions you want to teach your kids, such as ½, ¼, ⅛, and so forth.  

Not only will these help kids visualize their fractions, you can also teach them equivalents. For example, two 1/4 pizzas will be the same size as a ½ pizza. 

If your kids do not like pizza, you can use a cake instead. Who doesn’t like cake, right?

3. Painting workshop

Turn your learning session into an extraordinary experience by organizing a painting workshop! It is a perfect activity that you can even do at a kids’ party. 

If you want to have a paint party, you can teach kids how to mix and match colors and let them learn the basics of drawing and painting, which they will absolutely love! They can even learn to face paint in between the activities as a bonus. 

4. Pop top math game

So how do you make math equations fun? Easy. By using pop tops as prizes. Sometimes, a little reward goes a long way towards motivating kids to learn more about math.

The Pop Top Math Game is easy to set up. First, you stick math equations on the top of a bottle cap and write the answers inside. If a student answers a math question correctly, they get to keep the top. If not, it stays in the pile of tops. The player with the most caps at the end of the game wins!

5. Share and texture landscape

You can start teaching kids geography concepts from an early age with this simple textured landscape craft. With just a few sheets of brown construction paper and a couple of other household items such as rice, barley, cotton, and tissue, your little ones can build their own mountain landscape while learning about the earth, shapes, and textures.


1. You will have to pre-cut the construction paper first to create elements of the landscape.

2. Cut the brown construction paper into 3 different sizes of long triangles, which will become the mountains.

3. Cut the green construction paper into smaller triangles with different sizes. These will be the treetops.

4. Cut the black construction paper into rectangles, which will become the tree trunks. 

Once you have the pieces, kids can start building their own landscapes. They can glue the pieces onto a blank paper first, then glue the cotton, barley, and rice on top of the shapes. Cotton can be clouds. Barley and rice can be on the mountain top shapes. Let your kids exercise their imagination when they do this to create crazy textured landscapes!

Enjoying while learning is essential for kids. Without the element of fun, play, or experimentation, kids can quickly grow bored. Hopefully, while your kids enjoy these fun and educational craft activities, you get to have fun and learn from the process as well.

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