Did You Know Facts – Twins

There is no one who doesn’t like twin babies. The similar-looking cute babies are a sight that we will never get bored of watching. But, did you know these strange facts about Twins?

Did You Know Facts #19 – Twins

Did You Know Facts - Twin babies

The chances of giving birth to twins are especially high in certain parts of West Africa. In Nigeria, for example, the odds are 22-1. Conversely, women in Japan are less likely to have twins, with the odds as high as 200-1.

Twin babies are formed when two zygotes are formed simultaneously in the mother’s womb. These zygotes can be formed from a single egg or two different eggs. The former gives identical and the latter gives fraternal twins. The reasons can be many. Twin babies can be born in mothers who have late pregnancies, say above 40, more pregnancies, artificial insemination, hereditary, and finally, race. The last part is the base of today’s Did You Know Facts.

Race is a factor that influences the chances of having twin babies. Black women have larger chances while Asian women have lesser chances to have twin babies.

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