Did You Know Facts – Preterm Babies

Preterm birth is still a matter of mystery for many of us. Till you have a pre-term of your own, you won’t be able to decipher how it is to have a premier. There are many famous personalities who have been born before their term. Did you know this strange fact about famous preterm Babies?

Did You Know Facts #8 – Preterm Babies:

Did You Know Facts - Preterm baby

Famous premature babies include Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mark Twain, Pablo Picasso, Stevie Wonder, and Sir Winston Churchill. 

There could be many reasons for preterm delivery. Preterm birth is always considered as a special case. In many famous hospitals, especially those specialized in mom and babycare, the doctors call preterms as precious. Not that the other babies aren’t. But, premises gave to be specifically handled like precious stones as they are extremely vulnerable. To raise a premie is a challenging task for a mother.  Several facts have to be considered. For instance, keeping their body warm. They have to be kept warm since they have come out at a time when they should have been feeling the warmth of their mothers’ womb. But as much as a challenge it is, the preterm babies prove to be unique in their talents. Many successful personalities were preterms.

This could be because they have an extra energy drive. On a lighter note, they came early, because they were too restless to remain confined to the womb. The more restless you are the more you work. The more you work, the higher you reach. This is an unscientific yet truthful fact.

If you know someone who has a preterm baby, or if that someone is tensed about their baby being born abnormally, tell them that many famous personalities were born like their baby and they have attained immense success. Maybe, this could be the reason why the doctor called premies precious babies, we never know.

Do you have a premier in your family? Do you know someone with a premier? Tell us in the comments below.

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