The year it was, 2014!

As I see you all posting ‘the year it was’ with the lovely pictures of the beautiful holidays you took, those crazy parties you attended, the dances that rocked the floor, the weddings you gate-crashed and the wines you tasted, the men and women you met and dated, the dresses you flaunted {(including branded jumpers, jackets, dresses, and leggings (yes, that too!)}.

The movies you watched and the lunches you had,  the meetings you attended, and the pitches you won, the awards you bagged and the cakes you ate, those green lands, and clear blue skies. Those morning cups of teas and coffees, those chilled glasses of beers, checking in and out of the exotic restaurants in town, and everything else so wonderful..that was how you summed up your 2014!

My year might not have been as fancy as your’s but it brought along a set of memories that were captured differently. Take a look at ‘the year it was’ for me..The year it was 2014

The year it was, for me:

Congratulations to you for such beautiful achievements and memories. Indeed, 2014 was a good one for you and here is hoping that 2015 brings many more pleasantries for you to post.

As for me, it was a year of pre and postpartum depression, morning and evening sickness, loss of appetite, terrible mood swings, thanks to the wonderful hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). In my case, it was working overtime. I literally spent this entire year wearing the same old pajama and a baggy top. It was so comfortable. I have been in love with this top for it carried my cotton ball, all of 3 kilos during pregnancy and when the bun was out, it carried my emotions too! So, yah, just as Brat H was breeding inside my womb, I was also and practically living inside a womb (with cream-colored walls and a window with a view of a tree). I can’t thank HCG enough!

My year 2014:

But, my 2014 wasn’t just about that. It did taste like my favorite wine and sounded like my song. My 2014 has been a year of joy. It brought with it our little bundle of joy. This is how I sum up ‘The year it was’ for me..

1. Holding him for the first time. I can’t describe the moment, not because I was overwhelmed but because I wasn’t sure if he was mine. My flesh, my blood, the pool of genes (partial though) coming from my ancestors.

2. His gurgles and wet lips that are constantly searching for my scent.

3. The sound made by his vocal cords. ‘Ma and dai-da’ sounds so heavenly! The same vocal cords that were made inside my womb. Can’t still get over that.

4. The way he presses his parched lips against my breasts. In 2015, as he grows old, I am so going to miss our feeding time.

5. His tiny little fingers trying to grab hold of my index finger. And those tiny nails. Oh! They were formed inside my body!

6. The way he looks at me, so lovingly. At that moment, my heart wants to break free for I won’t be able to deal with the anxiety of seeing him losing the grip of my hand. I know it’s not happening anytime soon but can’t imagine the thought of it..whenever it happens.

7. Our ‘me-me’ time, the bond we form over oil massage (although it gets lost somewhere between a few buckets of water. Brat H hates winter bathes). But we reinstate it again the following day, yes over a warm hand of oil massage!

These jiffies are all stored in my memory:

Let me be honest with you. I haven’t wasted any time looking for my smartphone or the best frame to capture these gorgeous moments. I didn’t want to waste any time looking for one. Maybe, I would have missed that cute little grin that was, as a matter of fact, just a show of a few seconds. I would have missed out on the tiny little sound if I were to go looking for my phone. Most importantly, if I were too busy looking for the right frame before capturing it with my smartphone, I would have missed out on the memory that I and Brat H were busy making.

As I see you all posting ‘the year it was’ with pictures that are to die for. Such amazing visual treats, you, all of you look so beautiful in those dresses, drinking your beers at an exotic restaurant with a delicious dish as an appetizer, flaunting the trophy of the best employee.. I on the contrary have a bundle of memories to fall back on. For once, I am grateful that I don’t have a montage of those great shots saved in my phone.

Happy New Year in advance!

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