Did You Know Facts – Meconium In Baby’s digestive Tract

Right after delivery, numerous doubts arise in a mother’s mind, more so if she is a first-time mother. A widely asked doubt is that why my child defecated a green matter. What is this green, sticky matter? Many mothers have ventured into a panic mode as well. Today, let us talk about this green matter – Meconium. Today we will tell you everything you need to know about it and related health issues that your child might face if not taken care of.

Did You Know Facts #23 – Meconium

Meconium or the greenish-black sticky material in the baby’s digestive track stands in for faecal material and allows the intestine to develop so it can digest milk immediately after birth.

Did You Know Facts - Meconium in Baby's digestive track

Meconium is a tar like substance that lines of the intestine. In normal cases it will get released into the baby bowel movement till birth. But sometimes, it gets released into the amniotic fluid. It is the first still of the baby which consists mostly on amniotic fluid, epithelia cells, bile, water etc. If it is thick, you baby should be monitored for fetal distress. This is because there are chances of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome. If sometimes it is seen after birth of the baby. While this is not something that you should be worried about, it is tough to clean. Hence apply oil after every diaper change to avoid it from sticking. So, the next time you see a mother worried about the thick green stool of her newborn baby, educate her well.

Did you know about this thick, tar like substance? Do you have any personal experience to share about Meconium in babies? If so, charge them in the comments below. For more strange facts about babies, check out our Did You Know Facts Series.

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