Did You Know Facts – Baby

The word that brings to our mind a cute little being with a toothless smile or screaming with the nerves out – Baby. In some families, their baby changes the relationships for good. But do you know how this word was coined?

Did You Know Facts #18 – Baby

Did You Know Facts - Baby word

The word “baby” may come from a baby’s babbling, as in “ba-ba-ba-ba”.

Yes, you read it right. The most beautiful and meaningful word in the whole world is coined from a series of babbling. Sounds strange, rt? But that is the belief. Nowadays we even call our romantic partners baby. How interesting it is to know that the whole thing came out from some meaningless words?

So, next time you hear a child babbling something gibberish, remember in mind that he/she is unknowingly coining a word that would be internationally accepted and used extensively. We never know what exciting term could be coined from these meaningless babblings. Isn’t it amazing?

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Information source: Facts Random History

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