Here Are Some Recommended Kids Room Wall Ideas

Your kids need a friendly space to spend their time. Your child’s room should be designed thoughtfully so that they feel comfortable and relaxed. But you can use multiple design elements so that your child can learn and grow creatively while remodelling your home. Here are some interesting kids room wall ideas to inspire you.

Kids room wall ideas

Kids room wall ideas:

1. Bright colours but balanced

Vibrant colours and pastel shades are often preferred in children’s rooms. You should pick the colours to have a positive association with the child. Yellow and orange are perfect colours that denote positivity and energy. Bright colours are great but you should balance them by choosing other design elements.

Colours like blue and green are preferred over red or black. This is because red or black are associated with anger and solitude. Light brown and pink can also be great for children’s rooms.

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2. Using patterns and stencils

Kids room wall ideas - Stencil

You can use patterns and stencils to fill the walls with inspiring colours and images. You can create designs and patterns that will encourage children and make them aspiring. Also, you can go for simple patterns like polka dots or stripes. Or else, you can try elaborate wall arts as described below.

3. Inspiring wall arts

Wall arts of the world map or the solar system can be great for children’s rooms. They will give them knowledge and also fulfil their curiosity. You can make it creatively with vibrant colours, shapes, and patterns. You can also add wall art of their favourite sports icons, scientists, or celebrities.  This will inspire your child to be more responsible to achieve their dreams.

Kids room wall ideas - Chalkboard

4. Cartoon wall arts

Using cartoon characters can be a great way to add fun to the space of your child. Characters like Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse are kid’s bed friends because they make them laugh and happy.  Inspiring Disney characters like Snow White and Bella also become inspirations for young kids to become brave and strong.

Explore wall stencil design and wall arts for more kids room wall ideas.

5. Chalkboard texture for walls

This can be a great idea for your artistic kids who love drawing on walls. By using a chalkboard texture, they will be free to draw any time at their pleasure. And you will also not have to worry about drawing on walls. This can be a great way to encourage their imagination and creativity.

Use these wonderful kids room wall ideas to create happy rooms for your children and make them fall in love with their rooms.

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20 thoughts on “Here Are Some Recommended Kids Room Wall Ideas”

  1. I am a big fan of wall art, when it comes to kid’s room. These are such nice ideas for kid’s room wall. We will plan my daughter’s room wall in our new apartment based on this.

  2. I am moving to a new house soon and I can use some help from you. One of my friends had also recommended Dulux Paint colors for my kids room. From all the suggestions you provided, I loved the one using patterns and stencils the most.

  3. Into design kid’s room and I think colors add more element to their is there room. Light pastels always look great and and adding a bit of cotton characters or animais cotton characters or animals at the fun element .

  4. Woow that’s really amazing ideas that make kids room beautiful and unique . Kids love colourful and creative.

  5. Very attractive options for kids room wall designs, I prefer a subtle mood and hence usually go with the pastels or something they can grow up without change of interest makeover.

  6. These are very amazing ideas about room decor for kids. I am sure my kids will love the wallpaper when I will show them all these ideas.

  7. i agree to the suggestions shared by you. My kiddo is enthusiastic about space , planets and asteroids hence we got her a nice science based wall paper

  8. I have done all the feature walls of my house myself using stencils. My son has a beautiful space themed feature wall which I selected from Asian Paints store.

  9. These are such great ideas to decorate the walls. In fact they add such flavor to the room in totality. I liked textured walls and even some cartoon prints. They set the mood right for kids.

  10. These are some really nice and inspiring ideas for decor of kids’ room. Kids need to have a bright and airy atmosphere, so that they wake up and go to sleep with a smile. A lot of positive vibes need to be in the room to ensure the right environment for the kid.

  11. Kid’s room is always special and I love that it should have a color theme with their favorite things around. I loved the options you have shared!!

  12. Love these ideas, we would be shifting to a new property soon. I will surely apply these ideas for my little one’s room soon.

  13. All ideas are just Amazing..I love to decor wall even my daughters also love cartoons & stickers. Great ideas..Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love all these ideas. specially liked the chalkboard texture one most. indeed it is best to reduce worry about making drawing on walls by kids. and it also help in exploring creativity and imagination power in kids.

  14. Painting kids’ room is a lot of fun since we can play around with colours and add cartoons, wall decals and lots of other things to make them interesting. My kids love stickers.

  15. Wall decals re my favorite when it comes to kid’s room decor. I keep changing my kid’s room decor. My little help me in putting the decals and take pride in showing off his hard work.