2022 Style Predictions – Top 5 Eyeglasses Trends for Guys

Wondering what is trending in the eyewear world for guys? We have got you covered! Here we are listing the top eyeglasses trends for 2022 that are here to stay and can outlast the competition. Although some trendy glasses for boys bring out the eccentric side, most of them combine elegance and comfort.

So, get on board and let us show you the newest and most fashionable eyewear frames keeping up with the eyeglasses trends for boys starting 2021, up until the end of 2022.

Eyeglasses trends in 2021

Eyeglasses trends for guys in 2021 and 2022:

Bold rectangle eyeglasses

Bold rectangular eyewear

One of the most trending eyeglasses trends that is the first choice for millennials is rectangle glasses with a bright yellow pop on the temples. The rugged lines of simple rectangular rimmed glasses will suit you perfectly if you have high cheekbones, sharp features, and an oval face.

If you are looking for bold and stylish rectangle glasses for boys, then your search ends with this eyepiece from Fastrack. They not only look dapper in these, but the overall colour of these eyeglasses for boys makes them stand out from the crowd.

Classic aviator eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trends - Classic aviators

The tradition of aviator eyeglasses does not, of course, begin and end with Tom Cruise. They have been making celebs looks dapper in movies from the 1970s and 1980s. The adage that the classics never die is right. And aviator glasses for boys are just one of them. These rimmed aviator eyeglasses from Fastrack gives you a trendy pilot look. Look stylish and on fleek with its shiny finish and fancy feel. You can work these glasses well with both work and play outfits.

Gun metal round eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trends - Gun metal round eyeglasses

Guys who wear glasses everyday search for comfortable frames. Today, brands like Fastrack have opened up new possibilities with lightweight glasses for boys without compromising style. One such design that is sleek of all and gives a little twist to the Harry Potter inspired round glasses is Gun Metal rimmed eyeglasses from Fastrack. These glasses get high marks for comfort as well as compliments. If you want the best glasses for boys to keep your whimsy a bit of a secret, your search ends here.

Brow-Line eyeglasses

Browline eyeglasses

Brow-line frames have resurfaced in a range of colors and textures, including standard black and tortoiseshell, as well as patterned metals and lighter shades.

They are one of those eyewear models that became famous worldwide because of the popular style icon Zayn Malik. These glasses for boys look amazing on those with dark hair and sharp features. Brow-line frames cut a dark angled swath around the browbone, extending at the temples with just a thin, translucent wire securing the lens in place, and were first worn in the 1950s. This style gives glasses a masculine-intellectual, mid-century vibe.

Oval eyeglasses

Eyeglasses trends - Oval eyeglasses

Finally, it is oval glasses for boys that have been keeping everyone on their toes. Not only does that give a sharp look, but it makes the perfect fit for college to date nights. Vintage-inspired, somewhat lightweight frames exude an analytical and quirky vibe, allowing you to channel your inner Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, or Jeff Goldblum. These glasses for boys are commonly found with a tinted lens, worn on a sunny beach.

Watch out for these eyeglasses trends:

Eyeglasses are an essential accessory that adds a finishing touch to any outfit or look. After all, it is the glasses that people first notice when they are good at you. These are the eyeglasses trends for boys that will dominate the world of fashion in 2021 and 2022. Looking for a new pair of chic sunglasses to start the year off, right? Then, you must explore brands like Fastrack. They have a wide selection of different types of glasses for boys at an affordable price. You can choose the best pair of glasses that will suit your style and quicky nature.

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