A Mom’s Guide To Wear A Bra The Right Way!

As women, lingerie plays an important role in being confident and feeling good about ourselves. Our clothes, make-up, or hairstyles might accentuate us and make us look appealing. But truth be told, the confidence we feel in wearing the right lingerie is peculiar. In this blog, let’s deep dive into how to wear bra correctly. When we identify how to know bra size, then its important to know how to wear bra correctly for different body types.

Bras can be of different kinds with their own ‘how to wear a bra’ memo. Most of the time we pick up the wrong kind of bra, which may look good at first but turns out to be the most uncomfortable piece of lingerie. Hence, it is very important to know ourselves for finding the perfect bra size for us. For this, you will need the correct source of knowledge and bra guide.

How to wear a bra

How to wear a bra:

Each body type may have a different bra suited for them. For someone, heavy on the top, for instance, would certainly need to be more adept on how to wear a bra for heavy breasts. However, the styles may differ, but the basics remain the same. Let’s have a look at the below bra guide.

1. Know your size and shape

You may know your band and cup size, but knowing the shape of your breasts majorly determines the kind of bra you will pick which best suits your body shape. Therefore its important to know how to measure bra size. There are a variety of guides available that help you with this process and in understanding your bust and cup size. 

Along with knowing your size, it is important to have enough knowledge about the shape of your breasts. Not every breast is of a similar shape and so identifying your shape is key to know what bra you should choose. Also, the bra size which may work best for you. For example, for a round bust, the best bra types would be a full coverage bra or t-shirt bra. A non-padded-non-wired bra, or a non-padded-wired bra will also suit them. For someone with a teardrop bust, which can be identified as less full on top and full on the lower half of the breast, would need to wear bras with semi coverage. Or push-up bras or sports bras for a more defined look.

Another common bust shape is the east-west shape which is separated breasts with nipples pointing away from the center of the body. Women with this bust shape which is extremely common should wear shaper bras with side shaping and side boning. For someone with a slender breast, would need to wear padded or push-up bras. All in all, knowing your breast shape will also help in understanding the kind of bra. It will not only be comfortable but also give a more defined and toned upper body look. 

2. Wear a bra in the right way

Let’s face it, everyone has their ways of ‘how to wear a bra’. But there is one defined way that most women don’t know – the forward bend. When wearing a bra, it is always recommended to bend forward while wearing it before latching it at the back. This helps to get the perfect fit and a little jiggle helps the breasts settle into the cup seamlessly making it a perfect fit. Be it a small cup size or someone figures out how to wear a bra with a heavy breast. This step will certainly help you to achieve the perfect fit.

3. Latch fully, but not too tight

Our breasts are sensitive. Hence, while wearing a bra, ensure you latch to the comfortable level of tightness, ensuring you breathe comfortably. Another lesson in how to wear a bra category is to understand the different styles and the fabrics that work best for our skin. Just like skin products, there are a variety of materials bras are made of which are easy on the skin, with breathable and comfortable cloth with a soft finish.

We always prefer to wear comfortable bras, but what is also important is the material and finish of the cloth. It is also advisable to choose bras with a fabric that isn’t too harsh on our skin or has microfibre. 

In the summer, for instance, wearing lighter color cotton bras will help you stay cool even when you’re stepping out in the hot weather. Whereas in the monsoon, it is recommended to wear polyamide bras. This material absorbs moisture, so even if you are frequently traveling during the monsoon. Or if you are drenched after a random downpour, you have nothing to worry about. This material not only dries up quickly but also is extremely soft and acts like a second skin.  

For someone heavy on top and who is wondering how to wear a bra for heavy breasts, the material is often your best friend. A material that has fine fabric and a good postural finish will help you achieve the perfect look.

Finding the right brand:

How to wear a bra - women feeling confident

When it comes to lingerie, the best part is that we have a large variety to choose from. A brand like amanté offers a wide range of new style bras, ranging from swimwear to regular wear, bikinis, padded, wired, non-wired, etc. A well-known name in the industry, the brand has a plethora of options for women to choose from, making it the most preferred lingerie partner for women across age groups.

A woman’s body goes through tumultuous changes as she grows. As a customer-first brand, amanté acknowledges the changes in a woman’s anatomy and offers guided expertise on the kind of material and shape you should go for along with a wide range of comfort lingerie to choose from. This brand is a one-stop-shop for all things comfortable lingerie and is a women’s paradise. amanté’s offering caters to women of all shapes and sizes and enables them to follow the fashion trends.

Once you know how to wear a bra, it is important to know how to buy a bra that is right for you. Knowing your cup and band size is of utmost importance. Given the change a woman’s body goes through, our cup size also varies. Be it a gain or loss in weight, or be it pregnancy or postpartum, we need to ensure we wear bras that are comfortable for the different phases in our lives and most importantly wearing bras that fit right.

When it comes to clothing, not a lot of thought goes into lingeries, but it is high time we should speak about it.  We need to give lingerie the due credit for all the comfort and support it offers to women. 

Written by Prerna Saluja

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  1. Nicely penned down. A perfect inner wear not only gives your better look outside , it also helps to boost confidence as you feel comfortable inside.

  2. This is something I didn’t thought would be as important as it is until I became pregnant with my first born.I used to be kinda flat chested and slim so I never had issues buying bra as I’ll simply get the small one. Yeah! That easy and it would fit perfectly. Then came the time when it became bigger due to pregnancy hormones and I had a hard time doing my old method of buying bras. Luckily there are stores who really takes care of their customers and have a tape measure so handy and readily available to take your measurement and make sure you get the right size that fits you perfectly!

  3. It is really important to choose our best fit. One size and style will never work for all. Glad that you wrote about this.

  4. As a woman, I must agree that choosing a perfect bra has been my concern for ever because some or the other thing lacks. So happy that you shared the pointers☺️

  5. It is really important to choose our best fit. One size and style will never work for all. Glad that you wrote about this. This will help many girls. Would share this with my other friends too.

  6. Previously people used to think a padded bra is only used to enhance the cup size and hardly any effort was taken to purchase bras. I am glad, with time people have gradually realized that a good bra keeps the breasts firmer and is good for health too.

  7. Wearing the correct fit and size is important. Also comfort should override all other factors when selecting a bra, and as you have mentioned, it needs to fit just right, not too tight or too loose.

  8. Yes many women have so much confusion and questions regarding selecting a correct bra. this post has explained each important aspect of this with proper details. indeed, a helpful post for women.

  9. Whatever dress we wear, it looks better when the undergarments are properly fitted. And the points that you have mentioned are very detailed and worth considering while buying a bra.

  10. What a topic you choose dear…. Bang on. We ladies actually overlook such an important thing and silently and slowly get closer to various health issues without even knowing about it.

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