Everyday Should Be Mother’s Day!

All the lovely bloggers who have contributed to #MyMotherMyHero campaign did such a great job, talking about their motherhood experiences, detailing out beautiful memories of their own mothers and children. Anamika’s thanking note to her mother, Sandra’s letter to her children, Jan’s note to her mother about the expression of love without expectations and Ritu’s own story of motherhood…They were all beautiful, rather gorgeous. Each and every word meant so much to each one of them and to us, the readers! So, what am I doing for my ma this Mother’s Day?

Mothers Day 01
That’s my mum when she was all of 4!

I (obviously and) instantly felt emotional. Why?

Because I have been writing on motherhood for almost 4 months now and not once have I generously mentioned anything about this one woman who has sacrificed her entire life for us (my brother and I). My mother, Oh! My Ma, why have I never thanked you enough! Maybe because I have taken quite an undue advantage of you or perhaps maybe because just as you have gone out of the way to take care of your in-laws and parents, somewhere deep inside, you probably thought that your children needed you too (and as much, perhaps all the time).

Mothers Day 02
Ma with me in Kashmir, 1989

Well, yes! I have needed you the most:

More than dad and your son. I needed you. Whether it was to do with studies, home-schooling, sitting with me through those nights, teaching me all the lessons on British history. I needed you. Whether it was to attend Parent Teacher Meeting or to drop me to the summer workshop during holidays. And I needed you for the relationship counseling, heart repairing, thanks to those heartbreaks during my teenage years. I needed you for all the packing we had to do before I had to leave for the university. I needed you to pick me up from the airport those several times when the cab services were out of order. I needed you to shop with me before my big day- the job interview.

Mothers Day 03
Mummy with Harshal aka Brat H

You were brave enough to deal with my mood swings, you know my pregnancy was pretty tough. Only you could understand. You knew how I felt and you were around to care for me and my child. I took you for granted even then.

I am a mother now and I am growing old! Did I say I see you growing old too? Yes, I realize that! No, wait, have I thanked you enough for all that you have done, said and felt for me..for us..my dad, my brother, and my son?

You are expressive, your heart is kind, your aura is pleasant and your personality is lovely. I have meant a LOT to you. You have the power to make us smile as well as cry, but Ma, when people become so important in your life, you become weak in front of them. You have been living your life the way we have wanted. But, I just wanted you to know on this day (today is not Mother’s Day) that you too mean a lot to me…Whatever happens, you are NEVER going to go away from my life, my heart, and my mind. It’s because I respect your unconditional love.

On this day (trust me, it is not Mother’s Day today), I also want you to stop putting me first while taking any decisions in life. I am growing old Ma and so are you. For once, take care of yourself.

Mothers Day 04
Mumma relaxing in Kerala, India

Oh! My Ma, I don’t ever want to wake up regretting why I have never thanked you enough!

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7 thoughts on “Everyday Should Be Mother’s Day!”

  1. Vaishali, you made me stop, you made me think and you made me Thank my mom! I think you would believe when I say, she is my strength and she is my weakness too. And that’s exactly how moms are like.. aren’t they? We owe them all, yet never thank them. Am gonna do that soon. Thanks for inspiring me Vaishali 🙂