Diabetes – How To Tackle It?

What if one day, you wake up and are robbed of all the sweet dishes by your family? You can no longer eat any sweet dishes. When we eat food, it is generally in the form of complex carbohydrates, which are further broken down by our digestive enzymes and later used by our body in the form of Glucose. People with diabetes are always advised to follow a diabetes diet.


Diabetes – How To Tackle It ? Is sugarcane juice good for Diabetes?

Glucose is the primary energy ingredient which is needed for our body to function. Glucose alone can also be problematic for our body; this is where insulin plays a major role in our body. How does a proper diet affect diabetes? Let’s find the answers.

How is energy currency generated?

Insulin is a hormone which is secreted by the Beta cells of the pancreatic gland. Insulin, when secreted, enters into the cell and brings the Glut transporters onto the cell’s surface, thus making the cell ready to accept the glucose and further, the glucose is broken down to form ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). This is the energy currency spent in all of the reactions going in the body. The ATP is converted to ADP, which is then converted to ATP using the process, and the cycle goes on and on. The main problem arises when glucose is unable to enter the cell.

Worst disease diabetes – How to tackle it?

Diabetes is a common disorder which generally means the frequent passage of urine (Polyurea). Diabetes Mellitus means the body is removing glucose through urination. It is generally of 2 types:

Type I and Type II:

1. Type I: This is insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus. This kind of disease generally occurs before 40 years of age, and it is not related to any lifestyle. Beta cells are not performing correctly in this case. Insulin, in this case, is not secreted in the right amount, which causes diabetes.

2. Type II: This is insulin-independent Diabetes Mellitus. All cells are working in normal conditions. Insulin is secreted in the correct amount. This is caused due to lifestyle issues and is generally caused to obese people. This usually occurs after 40 years of age.

Now in both cases, the cells are unable to take glucose which is not beneficial for the body. You have to avoid eating chocolates or such sweet substances which are rich in sugar.

Role of sugarcane juice in diabetes:

Is sugarcane juice for diabetes good? This is a common question which storms one’s mind. Many of us have heard that eating sweet food is harmful but munching on fruits is much better than having a biscuit. This is because fruits have a lesser glycaemic index. Now let’s see what happens in the case of sugarcane juice.

Generally, fruits are sweet; thus, some may even think that fruits are off-limits for a person with diabetes. Sugarcane juice is a sweet beverage which is popular in whole Asia and Africa. This beverage has lots of benefits. In traditional eastern medicine, this was used to treat certain conditions like liver, kidney and other diseases. In India Sugarcane juices are sold by local vendors, In brazil, sugarcane is used to make a liquor called cachaça and even used to make rum in certain places.

Sugarcane is rich in fibre and is up to 75% water. Only 13-15% sugar is present in sugarcane juice. Table sugar is also made from this. When unprocessed it is rich in flavonoids and phenolics. It is also rich in antioxidants. The sugarcane also has Potassium and shows an electrolyte effect. These all reasons are enough for a person with diabetes to enjoy sugarcane juice. So, sugarcane juice fits under a diabetes diet.

Balanced Diet for people with diabetes:

One should eat according to their age. If one is eating just junk food daily in their mid 50’s then they would be more prone to diseases especially if they have diabetes. No single food contains complete nutrition requirements.

That’s why one should always include healthy foods not daily but occasionally. The main food group doesn’t mean increasing your plate size. Keep the plate size and appetite the same but include a variety of healthy food daily.

Fruits and vegetables are very much important because it contains certain vitamins and minerals which helps to either increase the production of insulin (apples) or are rich in antioxidants and anticancer agents which keep you away from cancer, they are also rich in fibres Protein foods are a necessity in a diet as it helps to repair the damage to one’s body. So one should always include a protein-rich diet in their daily schedule.

Dairy and alternatives keep you fulfilled in Ca and other vitamins. All these benefits in one way or another as it is necessary to burn fats and unnecessary fats in one’s body so rather than eating unhealthy fat you can always rely on healthy food which is veggies and fruits. So one should always set a diabetes diet that should be nutritious and stick to it.


1. Can people with diabetes eat mango?

Is mango good for diabetes? The biggest question that arises in diabetics patient’s mind. Intake of mango can increase blood sugar levels. However, it can be an excellent diabetic snack when consumed in moderation.

2. Can diabetic patients eat sweet potatoes?

The majority of diabetic patients wonder is sweet potato good for diabetes? When eaten in moderation, all kinds of sweet potatoes are healthy as they are low-GI and contain more fiber than white potatoes.

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