Common women’s health issues and how to tackle them

Let’s learn about some of the most common women’s health issues! How? Read on to know..

As we celebrate women and their achievements, it’s also time to tackle women health issues. Reproductive and maternal health are few of the major concern areas regarding women’s health that keeps me awake at night. While breast cancer is being talked about a lot more than it ever was. But, there are certain other gynecologic conditions which maybe so common that we don’t talk about them at all. Mind you, they maybe more serious, and/or more difficult to treat, but we pay very little attention to them, especially at their early stages. Take for instance, Uterine Fibroids, PCOD, Menopause, UTI, and Cysts. One in every four women in the world is diagnosed with fibroids. It is believed that 25% of women all over the world are affected by it. The fact is that their timely diagnosis and treatment can do wonders.womens-health-issues-01

Early last year I was way too hassled after learning about a close friend being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. It prompted me to ask a few questions (I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids) to myself.

  • Can fibroids Turn Into Cancer?
    Will I be able to conceive despite having Fibroids?
    Could my fibroids come back after the treatment?
    Who are at risk for Uterine Fibroids?

I have realized that if we talk to our mothers, daughters, colleagues at work, friends, and relatives, a lot of myths and facts can be discussed. Awareness is the key to knowing a lot more about these ‘common’ health issues surrounding a woman’s mind and body.

I am going to be attending a very special live chat on 11th Feb. Dr. Apoorva Gupta, Consultant – Gynaecology, Paras Bliss has promised to assist me an of other ladies like me in answering our queries. The chat will cover issues like PCOD, UTI, Menopause, and Fibroids. The idea is to gain as much knowledge as possible so I can lead a healthy and active life now and forever!

So, if you are interested or know someone who should definitely join this chat, feel free to click and circulate this link!womens-health-issues-02

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  1. There are certain other unique health issues of women – such as Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and migraines – headaches and migraines are common in women when compared to men.