How To Smartly Include Fruits In Your Kids Routine

Fretting over your child’s eating habits is something all moms do. One major challenge which moms face is how to include fruits in their kids routine. If you are also worried about the same, then we are there to help you out. We have enlisted a few tactics which you can use to guide your kids to eat fruits without saying a word.

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We moms tend to get stressed out when it comes to the food habits of our kids. We want them to eat a healthy diet so that they get all the required nutrients essential for their growth. One of the very important parts of our daily diet is fruits. They are naturally low in calories and high in fiber and plus are loaded with vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth and development.

You won’t believe but a 2010 study reveals that kids who don’t eat fruits are more likely to be constipated. Good enough reason to include fruits in your kids routine. The issue is how do you make your child eat fruits on a daily basis? See telling your toddler, that fruits will help with constipation won’t work. And the more you force your child, the more they would push back. So how to make your child eat fruits? We at TCT have shortlisted a few tips and tricks which will help you smartly include fruits in your kids routine. Have a look for a healthy and active lifestyle, now:

1. Eat together

Kids learn by example. So if you want them to eat an apple daily, you also must eat one in front of them. This kind of role modeling has worked well for many moms across the globe. There was a mom whose kids won’t eat anything than an apple. She tried hard but nothing worked until the kids saw their dad crunch into a pear which eventually ignited their interest enough to have what their dad is eating. So mommy set an example for your little one.

2. Keep trying

Many kids reject new fruits because they are scared and not because they are not liking the taste. You might have to introduce a new fruit at least ten times before your child accepts it. So keep trying mommy.

3. Give them sliced fruit

If you give your child a sliced apple, chances are high they would eat it as compared to a whole apple. In a recent study, it was revealed that cafeterias at schools that sold sliced fruits had high sales as compared to the ones who sold whole fruits. This slicing tactic will work at home too. Include Fruits In Your Kids Routine 02

4. Stickers can work magic

Stickers are something that catches every child’s attention. All you need to do is just stick your child’s favorite cartoon character sticker on the fruit and let the magic work. 

5. Let your kids choose their choice of fruit

We know it is not possible for your child to pluck their favorite fruit off a tree but they can still go along with you to the supermarket to choose their fruit. When kids will participate in the picking process, they will be more thrilled about eating it. 

Now that you know all the tips and tricks, go ahead smartly include fruits in your kids’ diet right away. It is every mom’s dream to see her kids healthy and what better way than giving them a daily dose of a variety of fruits.

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