Exercises For Seniors To Improve Their Body Strength

Movement is medicine.

Does this phrase ring a bell? 

There is no denying on how unhealthy inactivity is for anyone. It is a common misconception that exercising becomes a challenge if you are over 50! Read on to understand how and why exercising becomes a challenge among seniors and figure out some exercises for older people by which they can improve their strength. 

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Cure.fit brings you a package of 6 strength training sessions designed particularly for seniors that will help older people to get in shape from the comfort of their homes and stay super healthy. Each of these sessions include a range of exercises for older people to improve their physical activity and mitigate the risks of developing chronic health conditions. 

Did you know that the World Health Organization states that older adults must indulge in at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity throughout a week? 

Exercise and physical activity will not only help you feel better but also in looking good and enjoying a higher quality of life. So, you can live a long and fruitful life doing things that you love.

According to the National Health Portal by the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW), people with mobility issues and other health issues need to stay as active as their bodies would allow. 

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From personal experience, I know and understand that starting or maintaining a regular fitness regimen can be challenging, and trust me— it only gets worse with age. You may be discouraged by health issues, falls, and injuries, or you don’t know where to begin, or you think you are far too old. While these reasons may seem like good enough reasons to slow down with age, there are better reasons to get to start exercising. 

Exercises for seniors can help in many ways:

1. It improves strength and flexibility 

2. It helps maintain weight

3. It improves gait and balance (thus, preventing falls)

4. It provides more energy

5. It prevents or delays chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, or osteoporosis

6. It improves mood and reduces depression

7. It could improve cognitive function

8. It improves sleep

That being said, exercises for older people are meant to improve your health, not cause any new injury. It would be wise to get a doctor’s opinion before starting any new exercise regime. 

Cure. Fit’s strength-training package features basic exercises for older people over 50 years. Their live and DIY (on-demand video sessions) led by expert fitness trainers will help you stay healthy and physically fit.

These sessions will help you improve your balance, mobility, and muscle strength so that you can carry on with your daily chores without any hassles.

If you have not started working out yet, worry not! You can start now. No matter how old you are, you can start exercising to improve your health and fitness as you age. 

Go ahead and join the Cure.Fit to get on a train to a super fit life, most importantly, have fun while doing so!

by Sindhu Menon

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24 thoughts on “Exercises For Seniors To Improve Their Body Strength”

  1. For seniors it is really important to do exercise on daily basis. I always ask my father to do this on regular basis. It keeps the heart well, boost immunity also.

  2. I am glad that I came across this post . It is very good to know about the app.It is very important to balance the immune system of older people also .

  3. A much-needed guide these days. Seniors always shy off gyms and other places to workout citing age but they should exercise to keep themselves mobile. A sedentary life can have you stuck to your bed.

  4. True for senior citizens exercise is a must. No wonder why senior people in India are retired not just from their work but also from their lives. While in foreign countries they continue an active life.

  5. This is great. now with the elders not stepping out at all, even the short walks have been put on a pause. cure fit would be a good option and something new for them to and keep moving and stay healthy.

  6. This seems like amazing solution from Cure fit . Now elder people can learn and perform exercise regularly with ease. Will share with my elders

  7. The fitness plan offered by Curefit is really interesting. taking care of your health at the right time makes all the difference, You have shared some great tips here.

  8. Love this App ! It has such good features for people above 50, keeping in mind the osteoporotic bones and the weight and also the feature of on-demand sessions is good for motivated seniors.

  9. I have seen a few seniors super fit and agile even at that age, thanks to their fitness regime and regular workouts. It is better to concentrate on healthy at the right time, for reaping benefits later. Glad to know about the fitness plans of cure.fit

  10. Exercise is important part of routine at any age. Seniors need to do particular exercises to keep them fit and body in agile moment. Shall share with my senior family members.

  11. Such good tips, will share with my mom and dad. Although my dad does take a daily walk he can include some stretching and yoga in his exercise routine

  12. yes this is a good way to help senior citizens to move their body but i think it totally depends on how they want to take care of themselves. some believe they have to rest in their old age. literally rest.

  13. It’s so important for seniors to take care of themselves and I am so happy that my mom and inlaws spend some time in exercise and yoga!!

  14. I am going to share this post to all the elderly people in my family, as this post is really useful and quite informative. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  15. I’m glad that exercise in senior citizens is getting promoted. I’ve often seen them going for walks but some targeted workout techniques would be good too.

  16. Physical activity is good for everyone. I keep telling my mom who is 65 to at least go for regular walks but according to her, she doesn’t need it anymore. I will check out more about these sessions by Curefit for my mom.

  17. Exercising for ever age is beneficial. Sometimes Elders hesitate from exercising thinking that they might damage their bones but if done properly, it is never risky. Sometimes simple walking can be a very helpful. My parents and in laws are very regular in walking and I can see the effects.