What will happen if I skip brushing my teeth for 3 days?

Since childhood, we have been taught of brushing the teeth twice on daily basis. Although most people brush their teeth at least once in the morning, there are some people who do not brush at night. On some occasions, people who do brushing twice in a day also forget to brush at night or whenever they feel lazy. However, since childhood at some point, we had a question in mind: What will happen if I don’t brush my teeth for a few days? Well, hardly we might have got in the detail to find the answer. If the question is still unanswered then here we are revealing some of the aspects about it.

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Most people know that cavity development on the teeth is the first thing that will happen if they do not brush for 3 days. However, there is more severity in the cavity development and other hazards too for your oral health, if you do not brush for 3 consecutive days. The risk can be seen among people of all age groups. The children and teens are more prone to the risk when they do not brush for 3 consecutive days. Cavity development starts at this point where the bacteria developed from the food eating starts eroding the teeth. This is the prelude to the decaying of the teeth that gives a lot of trouble later. However, there are more bad effects of not brushing for consecutive days too.

Repercussions of not brushing teeth:

Here are some of the bad effects of not brushing the teeth for 3 days continuously:

1. Tooth loss

This is the primary thing that happens later when you do not brush continuously. Here, due to non-brushing, the cavity starts developing on the teeth due to bacteria growth. The cavity start increasing which erodes the teeth and the enamel of the teeth is worn out. The cavity thus increases deteriorating the tooth making it painful and loose. Ultimately after some duration, the tooth loss occurs.

2. Gum disease

Man with Gingivitis

When you do not brush for a few consecutive days, the bad effect is seen on the gums. The bacteria start developing on the gums and nearby teeth. After some while, the gum disease of Gingivitis occurs. It shows the symptoms like reddish gums, swollen gums, bleeding while brushing, and plaque development. Gingivitis is a milder form of gum disease and if not treated properly then it leads to Periodontitis. Now, Periodontitis is the later stage where the gum disease problem is more severe. Here, the symptoms observed are tooth loss and jaw-bone loss. Apart from that, the problems in the gums also make it difficult to eat harder food items.

3. Bad breath

Not brushing for a few days will immediately give the bad breath problem. The food particles get stuck up on the teeth and gums. It leads to bacteria development that gives bad breath. Also, the tongue gets coated without brushing which causes the bad breath. Most of people can easily observe this effect when they skip brushing for even a single day.

Brushing your teeth

4. Pneumonia

The bad pathogens that lie on your mouth go directly into the lungs that cause the problems. These pathogens are responsible for problems like pneumonia. The studies have found that brushing the teeth regularly can reduce the pathogens to some extent. The people who maintain good oral hygiene hardly get problems like pneumonia.

5. Diabetes

It is observed that the problems of gum disease lead to diabetes problems too. If the dental health is not good the insulin resistance is very low. Also, the sugar level increases in the body due that cause the problem of diabetes. Here, it becomes difficult to treat the gum disease too.

6. Heart disease

Chest pain due to heart disease

Various studies around the world have observed that there is connection between heart disease and gum disease. The pathogen bacteria caused due to the Periodontitis leads to coronary heart disease. Also, the bacteria accelerate the bad cholesterol development that causes blockage like problems to the hearts. It is observed that a person having heart disease problems also has bad oral health.

7. Ulcers

The plaque that forms on the gums during the Periodontitis phase causes the growth of Helicobacter pylori. Different researchers have come to the conclusion that bacterial pockets developed on the gums cause problems like ulcers too. The ulcer problem requires some days to get completely treated. Also, if the gum problem is grave then the ulcer healing process gets slower.

These are some of the commonly observed bad effects when you do not brush for3 days. You suffer from both oral health and other health problems too. So, to avoid such smaller to major problems later, it is always better to take a few minutes and brush twice daily. Good oral health will make it possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle easily.

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