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Most of us are spending a lot more time in the kitchen preparing all sorts of immunity-boosting concoctions. And while we are at it, here’s what I did. Prepared a 5-minute recipe using organic jaggery (instead of sugar) and nut powder which is a blend of almonds, cashews, pistachios, saffron, and turmeric. Yes! You guessed it right. I mixed it all in a cup of milk. Golden turmeric (aka haldi in Hindi) and jaggery (aka gur in Hindi) Milk (aka Dooodh) or Haldi – Gur Doodh. The best food to increase immunity not just in kids but the elderly lot as well. It also happens to be the best drink to keep away from illness and get a feel-good feeling. Turmeric and jaggery’s benefits are a little less know. After you have watched the easy recipe video, do read the fact sheet.

Video recipe of the best food to increase immunity – Golden turmeric and jaggery milk:


1. One inch fresh turmeric, 2 saffron leaves, 1 cashew, 5 almonds, and 1 Pistachio- finely grated and crushed in powder form or 1/2 tsp Slurrp Farm nut powder

2. One cup milk (cold or warm)

3. One tsp jaggery powder (we have used 100% organic powder by Slurrp Farm)


1. Prepare nut powder first. Wash the turmeric and peel the skin. Grate it using a medium grater. Add saffron leaves, cashew, five almonds, and pistachio- finely grated and crushed in powder.

2. Heat milk in a pan or use refrigerated cool milk

3. Add the nut powder and stir the warm milk for 2-3 minutes.

4. Strain the milk.

5. Add jaggery powder and mix well.

6. Serve hot or cold.

We are adding organic jaggery powder and nut powder. You could prepare these powders at home by grinding and crushing chunk jaggery and nuts.

Sip this ayurvedic, spiced milk warm or cold to get the many benefits of Turmeric in a delicious drink. Here is how to make Turmeric, Jaggery Milk Recipe or Haldi-Gur Milk Recipe with the wholesome goodness of dry fruits.

Benefits of turmeric:

1. Curcumin (main active ingredient in turmeric) is an anti-inflammatory

2. Curcumin protects against heart disease

3. Curcumin helps ease symptoms of osteoarthritis

4. Curcumin helps treat or prevent diabetes

Benefits of jaggery:

1. Jaggery helps in purifying blood

2. Jaggery is rich in minerals

3. Jaggery is filled with minerals

4. jaggery is effective in preventing and treating different skin problems like pimples and acne

5. Jaggery prevents respiratory issues

6. Jaggery helps in joint relief

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