Parent’s Guide – Causes of Chronic Cough In Kids

Has your little one been coughing more than usual lately? You might be concerned they’re developing a chronic cough. Giving your child a natural cough suppressant or over-the-counter flu meds can help. Nonetheless, to solve the problem long-term, it’s essential to get to the bottom of what’s causing the cough. For your reference, here are some of the most common causes of chronic cough in kids.

Cough in kids - Girl wearing mask coughing

3 Common reason for chronic cough in kids:

1. Your child is experiencing aftereffects of the flu or a bad cold

Your child may have taken Brillia cold and flu medicine the entire time they were unwell. But some illnesses leave lingering aftereffects that can, unfortunately, stick around for weeks or even months post-recovery. One of these effects can also be a chronic dry cough in kids, which your child may experience even after the other symptoms of their cold or flu has gone away. In this scenario, a natural cough suppressant or some natural remedies, like adding honey to warm milk or hot tea, or along with menthol, may be enough. Sometimes proper doses of cough syrup may help soothe the symptoms as well. In other cases, you might have to visit your paediatrician for a tailored prescription.

2. Your child may be suffering from allergies or asthma:

A couple of other common causes of chronic cough in kids is allergies and asthma. Allergies of any kind can often cause symptoms that include coughing. They are usually also paired with puffiness, irritation, watery eyes and redness or rashes. Young children with allergic rhinitis in particular may experience symptoms like:

  • Runny noses with constant mucus drainage
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Puffy, watery or itchy eyes
Cough in kids - Girl with allergy
Girl with chronic allergy

If your child is simply experiencing a cough and not the other symptoms, they may be suffering not from allergies but from asthma. Asthma narrows air passages, making it harder for your child to breathe properly. If your child goes into coughing fits at night after they’ve already fallen asleep, you should visit your pediatrician for a diagnosis.

3. Your child could have bronchitis:

If none of the above possibilities seems to be the root cause behind your child’s chronic cough, consult your paediatrician about the possibility of bronchitis. Bronchitis is a condition where the bronchial tubes get inflamed and infected. This makes it harder to breathe and often resulting in symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath. Though bronchitis is fairly common, it can be fairly dangerous if left unchecked, particularly in small children. Signs of bronchitis in a kid include a dry cough, a runny nose, chest or back pain, vomiting and a general sense of being unwell.

Cough in kids - Boy with bronchitis
Boy with bronchitis

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When your child’s cough appears to be chronic and doesn’t go away on its own, it may be time to start looking into the possible causes so you can find treatment quickly. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, you may want to consult with your child’s doctor. This is to confirm whether they may be experiencing asthma, allergies, bronchitis, or the aftereffects of a lingering illness. Once you have identified the cause of cough in kids, you can begin a course of treatment to help your little one get healthy again.

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