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Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home-parent, the biggest concern for most people that their house poses is ways in which the space is all set with baby proofing for crawling baby. I mean, I remember how crazy it was when my infant started rolling on the bed. For the spectators, it was such a delightful scene, but only a mom or a dad can watch that sight with an abysmal horror!Right from baby proofing the kitchen to baby proofing sharp table corners, I did everything it took to make sure the little one was safe.Baby proofing 01

Soft pillows and duct tapes are ancient baby proofing products – Let go of them:

From then on, my husband and I would only look at potential danger zones wherever we went. At home, the power sockets were covered in layers and layers of duct tape.It probably would have looked ghastly even to ghosts! The baby’s sleeping area was well-guarded with sleeping pillows and cushions of all sizes. Hell broke loose the day our little one fell from the floor. That day, we decided to think of some serious ways of installing safety products that were very well within in our budget.

When do you need to baby-proof your house?

If your little one has started showing signs of feeble crawling, holding and picking up things, it’s about time to make a checklist of items which are essential for baby proofing the house.

These are the top 3 items we shopped for.  Every house is unique, so are the interiors. From wooden flooring to marble tiles, from sharp edges to wrought iron furniture, these elaborate or simple details need baby-proofing. But, strictly speaking, you might want to definitely invest in them. 

1. BabyPro baby proofing combo – Best way to baby proof furniture corners

Here’s how to protect your little one from everything that can be a potential threat to his sensitive and developing body parts. Baby proofing sharp table corners, furniture edges, and poking nooks can be done with a one-stop-solution. Designed with high density foam that protects the baby from sharp edges, corners of glass, metal steel and wooden furniture. BabyPro’s proofing combo includes two meters edge guard and 4 corner protectors for sharp edges with double sided tape for bed, table and furniture.

Baby proofing products - BabyPro baby proofing combo

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2. KitschKitsch lock latches – Best baby proof latches

This one come as a set of 8 baby safety lock drawers with flexible nylon strap that works on both flat surfaces and around corners.. Can be installed easily in seconds. Simply un-peel the backing and press the 3M  adhesive to any clean, dry surface.. The brand promises that it won’t scar or damage your furniture. So here’s how you can bath tub knobs, obscurely shut your cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilets, trash cans, windows, pet food containers, refrigerator and more.

KitschKitsch lock latches

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3. BabySafeHouse electrical socket cover guards

Power outlets are a dangerous hazard in every home for little children. Our outlet plates make it near impossible for a little child to play with electricity, keeping your kid safe. Protects your baby from such hazards. These socket covers restrict child from inserting their fingers or any other objects into electrical sockets. These covers ensure that your loved one is safe and sound, even when you are not around. The brand offers outlet covers that are solid white and there are three holes that can completely cover the entire socket to blend in to your home while keeping your home a safer place. The socket also covers guard against shocks and helps prevent short circuits. Besides, these are easy to install. Simply insert the socket protector in the unused outlets and it will fit firmly in the outlet you will also be able to remove them easily when baby grows up.

Baby proofing products

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