Top 3 positions to help your baby burp

by Udita Saklani

Expert 01Check out these 3 positions which will help your baby burp in between the feeds

Congratulations on bringing your little bundle of joy home! It is now time to put all the knowledge which you attained in those nine months of pregnancy to the actual test. Jokes apart, studying about a baby, his behavior is completely different from the scenario when the baby is burp 01

One of the most important or rather first set of tasks is feeding the baby. This might be in the form of breastmilk or formula feeds in case of woman who aren’t able to express enough breast milk. Whether you are breastfeeding or giving formula o the little one, of the most important tasks to care of is – burping. Among other things, burping is one task which parents are most paranoid about. Most of the times even with the best techniques a baby refuses to burp. And that makes the parents scared and paranoid. While most babies burp easily, it is not the case for all.

A well noted point which we would like to iterate here is the fact, that burp is not always the sure shot sign that the milk is digested or air bubbles have passed out. There are many babies who don’t burp that often and are still happy and gay.

Whether your little one is breast milk or formula milk, she can swallow in air bubbles, which might make her fussy post-meal times. Also, when air bubbles get trapped in the stomach, they take up most of the space, and hence the baby can feel fuller even before the entire feed is over.

One of the most common questions which then comes up is ‘Can I burp my baby in between the feeds?’. Well the answer to this is yes. It is ideally the best practice to burp your baby in between feed and when the feed is over. In case of formula feeds, do this when you have reached halfway down the bottle. While these are the most common practices mothers follow across the world, it is best to take things up as per the schedule and habits of your own baby.

So, while we are it, let us discuss the top 3 positions which will help your baby burp in an easy manner:

1. The classic shoulder position: 

Hold your little one with her head upright, resting on your shoulder. Use one hand for supporting her bottom, and with the other gently pat on her back. The pat should just be gentle, it should not to be too soft, or the air bubble might won’t come up burp 02

2. The belly flop:

This is also one of the tried and tested techniques and generally used in initial few days when the baby is just a few days old and parents might be apprehensive of holding baby up on their shoulders. Place your baby on her tummy over your lap. When the baby is on her tummy, this puts pressure on the tummy and then the air bubbles are naturally coaxed out of the system. Just pat gently for more burp 04

3. The throne:

Hold your infant in a seated position on your lap. This can be a tricky position as an infant or new born is still very fragile and is not able to support her neck. Support her neck and chest with the one hand and with the other pat her burp 05

We are sure with these techniques burping will become an easy art of life for you and your little ones. Watch out for these tips while burping you baby:

1. Always keep a burp cloth handy or in vicinity when burping. You might never know a spit up might be on its way as it is a very common occurrence during the burp sessions.

2. A gentle pat on the baby’s back will just do the trick for you, but still, a certain percentage of infants require a firmer pat.

3. Last but not the least, it is completely okay if your baby doesn’t burp. Not burping sometimes is a completely normal thing. So, don’t fret the next time if you did not hear your baby burp.



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