The 4 stages of nap time for Stay-At-Home-Moms

“I will take a nap” – said no mommy every again! Here is my nap time story. I am sure most stay-at-home-moms will agree with me

No mommy can ever get enough of bear hugs, wet kisses and…and decent sleep! So, mommies often end up with nothing short of a handful of naps thrown at them with very little to no choice at all. I haven’t managed to get a peaceful 8-hour, undisturbed sleep ever-since motherhood came knocking on my door.nap time for stay at home moms

Nap? Yes! I barely manage to get 6 half-an-hour to 45-minutes naps within 24 hours. Well! To be honest, I have pretty much-lost track of time. The day and night concept seems to have been forgotten completely. 

A lot of my lovely friends might be wondering whether ‘napping’ is also applicable after dinner. Well! In theory – no, but, vaguely speaking, for a stay-at-home-mom, anything is acceptable. As long as she is able to maintain some sanity and decorum at home, everything is tolerable. Continue reading..

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