Traditional remedies for babies that I’d advise you never to use

Traditional home remedies for a new born babies gets an explicit debunking!

As mothers, we see that there is a constant fight between the age-old and the modern practices. I have experienced ‘free advice’, ‘suggestions’ and ‘tips’ from every single soul who would come knocking (at times, without knocking) on my door. Right from my maid to a stranger who would call herself a relative, and in-laws and neighbors too – EVERYONE had remedies for the baby’s health. Most of the traditional remedies they suggested sounded useful at first…traditional-remedies-for-babies-01

‘Hamaare zamaane mein toh yeh hota tha…’ or, ‘Hamaari maa ne toh yeh kiya’ (In our times, this would happen. This is what our moms would do.)

How many times have we, as mothers, heard such statements in the context of baby care? This head-on dispute between the old-world “charm” and today’s “modern” style exists in everything, whether in the scene of fashion, beauty, cinema, we see the two-worlds at loggerheads in almost every avenue of life. And if you have a new baby in the house, that too a first baby, the problem gets much more complex and compounded!

I am particularly feeling you – the new momma out there, sitting on the couch, all confused. What should we follow in such situations – the traditional advice or our maternal instinct? Continue Reading..



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