Independence Day 3D Easy Paper Craft – DIY Kite

Lockdown measures of 2020, and 2021 led many to spend more time at home, reviving old customs like the art of flying kites in Indian skies. There has been a surge in reviving the charm of kit-flying since the.

Flying kites during occasions such as Independence Day has been a cherished tradition for Indians. Presently, more people seem eager to engage in kite-flying, likely due to the stress-relieving aspect.

My memories are filled with recollections of August 15th celebrations in our community, characterized by savoring hot pakodas, or sweet tri-color ghevar, exploring tricolored culinary creations, and gazing at the vibrant kites adorning the sky. This practice continues in northern India… which inspired me to create my very first DIY kite.

Today, kites come in diverse designs, ranging from dragons to animals, insects, and even popular cartoon characters like Barbie and Spiderman.

For my endeavor, I’ve chosen a straightforward paper craft kite design, intended as an engaging activity for children rather than for actual flight. Enlisting the help of my young assistant, we both marveled as the kite took shape before us.

Easy Paper Craft - Boy flying DIY kite

However, I will stick to a kite design that is actually an easy paper craft not meant for flying purposes, rather it’s an engaging kids activity. I took the help of my little assistant who was absolutely delighted to watch the kite come to life.

  • Orange rhombus paper for 3D kite
  • Three different colored papers for 3D kite
  • 2 Colored papers - folded and placed over each other - DIY Kite
  • 3D kite with string
  • 3D kite with string and colored triangles
  • DIY kite

Capturing the step-by-step easy paper craft – DIY kite for Independence Day:


1. Cut out the 3 kite shapes in the rhombus shape (please see the picture). You can use one single color or choose a variety of different colors to create a colorful kite. I have used orange, blue, and green.

2. Then fold each of them in half length-wise.

3. Using a glue stick, add glue at the base of the kite color that you want to place at the bottom. Now, add glue in the center of one of the kites. Line up and place another kite half on the glue to attach them together.

4. After each of the kites is glued together, you will have a 3D kite shape.

Handmade kite with thread

5. Cut out six small triangle shapes in the colorful paper for kite string bows.

Easy Paper Craft - DIY Kite with small colored triangles

6. Glue each of the small triangle pieces you cut in step 5 as well as the kite string to look like bows.

DIY Kite with boystrings

Isn’t this an easy paper craft?

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