6 Simple Mother’s Day Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day is just a few days away. And, which mom won’t appreciate a gift? But, when it comes from her little one, irrespective of how simple and small it is, these gestures or tokens of love/appreciation lighten up her face with the brightest smile. Let’s take a look at 6 paper plate craft ideas that can be utilized as an ideal gift option.

This blog is for dads and their little ones 😉

Paper Plate Craft Ideas 01

This Mother’s Day we are focusing on niche art and craft activities based on paper plates and make this Mother’s Day special for the mothers and their children. We are sure these ideas are going to melt your heart and bring out the creativity of the toddler.

Daddies, check out these simple Mother’s Day paper plate craft ideas:

1. Paper plate wall hanging

Hang this beautiful paper plate wall decor art and give your mom a special surprise. Read on to know how to make these wall hanging paper plates.

Materials Required: Two paper plates; Flowers printed on pink; Yellow and green paper; Strings; Glue; Scissors; Punching machine

Instructions: Cut different flowers in three colours and cut out the green leaves. Assemble all the flowers by layering pieces and glue them to the paper plate upside down. Decorate the boundary of the paper plate with small leaves and paper. Punch two holes in the top of the paper plate and tie the string through it and hang on it on the wall.

2. Paper plate handprint

If you are a mom, you will definitely treasure doing this with your little one

Materials Required: Two Paper Plates; Paint; Marker; and Glue

Instructions: Stick the two paper plates rim with each other. Take a paper plate and paint it completely white. You can also opt for a strong white paper plate. Once painted, allow it to dry. And then using a marker, draw a heart in the middle of the plate. Now paint your little ones and your hand with your favourite colour and both of your handprints in the heart drawn on the paper plate. You can also attach the strings and hang them in your favourite space in the house.

Paper Plate Craft Ideas 02

3. Paper plate basket

Fill this paper plate basket with your favourite items such as fruits, vegetables, chocolates, etc.

Materials Required: Two paper plates, (1 small and 1 big); Color pencils or paint; Glue gun; Straw or pipe cleaners; Scissors

Paper Plate Craft Ideas 03

Instructions: Fold one side in and with the same amount of curve, fold the other side as well. Do this with both small and bigger size paper plates. On the parallel line of the paper plate, cut it to the inner circle of the plate, on all four sides. Fold the upper-middle portion of the plate into the same level are the inner circle. You can colour the paper plate as per your creativity using colour pencils or water paint colours. Using the glue gun, stick the point parts, and tuck them together. Stick the straws or pipe cleaners on the same side you fastened the basket using the glue gun. And the basket is ready to fill with candies and chocolates.

4. Paper plate hat

These cute and funky hats are just way too adorable

Materials Required: Paper plate; Paper bowl; Glue gun; Spray paint; Ribbons and flowers; Scissors

Instructions: Cut out a circle in the middle of the paper plate. Apply hot glue to the paper plate and stick the paper bowl in the centre of the glue. Leave it for an hour for it to dry. Once dried, using spray paint colour the paper plate and bowl, and leave it to dry. Once dried, decorate the hat with ribbons and flowers. And the cute and stylish hat is ready to adore.

Paper Plate Craft Ideas 04

5. Paper Plate Flowers

These bright and fascinating paper plate flowers can never get dry and can be treasured for life

Materials Required: Paper plate; Painting colours; Paintbrush; Scissors; Glue; Stapler; White/green/red colour papers

Instructions: Take a piece of white paper and ask the kids to paint it as per their wishes. Once dried, cut the first piece of paper into strips and make “loops” stapling them to the back of the paper plate. Cut up some extra red paper strips to add to the gaps. Using the green paper, cut out a strip as a stem and leaves and glue them on the backside of the paper plate. And the huge big paper plate flower is ready to be gifted to your mother.

Paper Plate Craft Ideas 05

6. Paper plate greeting card

Classic greeting cards are always special. And this one will always be special.

Materials Required: Paper plate; Construction paper – pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple; Black marker; Pen; Pencil; Scissors; Glue stick

Instructions: Fold the paper plate in half. Take the blue paper and fold it in half and place the folded paper plate onto the blue paper. Trace the border of the plate and keep it aside. From the remaining coloured paper plates make small flowers with stems. Using the marker, write mom on the middle part of the flower. You can write one letter on each flower or your wish on each flower. Take the folded blue paper and draw a curvy line along the curved edge. Run a glue stick along the curved edge of the front of the card and press one of the blue curved pieces onto it. Open the card and stick along the curved edge of the inside of the card using glue and press the other blue curvy piece on. Let it dry. You may also write a special message to your mom.

Paper Plate Craft Ideas 06

Aren’t you excited after learning about these Mother’s Day paper plate craft ideas? If yes, what are you waiting for? Get crafty right away with your little one.

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