6 Creative DIY Projects And Craft Ideas Using Burlap

Made from jute fiber, burlap is a biodegradable and eco-friendly fabric ideal for making nets, ropes, bags, wallets, and so on. They’re also great for making useful and creative DIY belongings. Here are some craft ideas using burlap.

Craft ideas using burlap

Burlap is inexpensive and attractive. When you see project ideas that come out from it, creativity is nurtured, and you can do so much for the bedroom, the living room, and even outside decor. In fact, why not give your friends some homemade items made of cheap craft supplies?

6 Craft ideas using Burlap:

1. Feel-at-home photo frame

A warm burlap-themed photo frame makes for a heartfelt outline to your treasured memory. In fact, why not make three or four frames put together, connected by some simple twined burlap string? All you need are a strong glue, scissors, and the wood material as foundation next to the burlap.

2. A fancy upholstered pillow or ottoman case

Take out that resting pair of scissors, your glue gun, and your measurement set to make yourself a fancy pillowcase or two, and while you’re at it, include the rest of the seats in your house or office? There’s no need for a sewing machine, just simple steps. That’s one quick pillow cover DIY! Be inspired.

3. Inspirational corkboard with pockets

Burlap makes for a great fabric to pin on or insert important photographs, bills, schedules, mini-notebooks, and other noteworthy small items or notices. You’ll need about two meters of burlap fabric to put together the framework and the pockets.

You’ll also need to get your hands on a cork memo board, iron (for flattening), colorful markers/stencils, acrylic paint (optional for add-on design), and a staple gun to secure everything together. Fun times!

4. Creatively wrapped jar/vase

There’s so much that can be done with just basic tools in the house and good old’ burlap. Take a small strip/strips of the fabric, and measure it around the vase or jar (or candle holder) nestling in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room. Cut the fabric, and use the glue gun to seal it together.

If you want to add a pretty loop, floral, or other drawn-on designs, prepare a stencil. You can do wonders with simple craft supplies.

5. Convenient coffee-bean sack

Just a few simple tools and some sewing skills, and you’re good to go with this one. Buy a burlap coffee-bean bag from the craft store, then cut it in all fours when you’re home. Add some colorful tassels to make it pretty, then finally stitch them all together. Here’s a helpful guide. 

6. Keep calm, and go DIY

There’s something about burlap that retains the essence of home, and what better way to improve your DIY skills by working on very easy-to-do projects with the friendly fabric?

From notebook flaps to window treatments, one can go far with burlap when you choose to be resourceful and learn a few good tricks. You’ll cut down on the cost of craft supplies because chances are, you already have them lying around in the house!

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