Clothes for Your New Born Baby

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 14, 2015

TCT brings to you a few suggestions while buying clothes for a newborn baby. Take a look to simplify your life 🙂

One of the most exciting parts of getting all prepped up to welcome Brat H was shopping for all the new clothes with Ace. We didn’t know the gender of the baby as the laws in India are pretty stringent and prenatal sex discernment is a complete no-no. Nevertheless, it was obviously quite thrilling for us, the new parents to go for a lot other colors (and not just blues and pinks!) With countless cute options available online and at retail, parents find it difficult to not go overboard. Those tiny mittens that make you go ‘Awww!’ and the lovely rompers that you can so visualize your baby wearing.. Oh! It is damn so hard to say no to those diminutive garments 🙂Clothes for Your New Born Baby 05

Whether you are an expecting mother, new father, a relative or friend of an expecting couple, do keep a few things in mind before shopping for a newborn’s clothes. TCT brings to you a few suggestions on what to look for while you buy clothes:

1. Buy Only A Few Newborn Sizes: There is no accurate size that fits all newborns as some infants skip the newborn size altogether and fit 3-6 month size. Newborns grow very fast during the first few months, therefore it is best to buy clothes of various sizes and re-purchase the ones that you need more.Clothes for Your New Born Baby 01

2. Easy Dressing and Comfort: Before buying a particular style of clothing see how it will come off and on. It becomes easy for both, the parent and the new born, if the clothes can come off easily. Look for clothes that have a soft and stretchable neck opening or even better have a front zipper or side buttons. There are plenty of adorable designs available in the market in styles such as kimono bodysuits and one-piece outfits with front zip or snap up. Choose such clothes!Clothes for Your New Born Baby 03

3. Comfort is of Utmost Importance: Before you go ahead and pick that utterly pretty looking dress for the newborn, please do ensure that it has a layer of fabric that protects your baby from zipper or elastic. Any rough edges will cause discomfort to baby’s sensitive skin. Besides, look for garments which are 100% cotton or a lot closer to that. Baby’s skin is super sensitive. We don’t want any rashes on their skin due to the fabric.Clothes for Your New Born Baby 07

4. Check the Wash Care on the Label: Check for clothes that require hand washing or dry cleaning as handling them will become tedious for you. Instead, pick clothes that can be machine washed (including tumble dry) at home.Clothes for Your New Born Baby 08

Besides the essentials, here are a musts that you should buy for your infant born in winter or summer season-

Clothes you’ll need for Winter Babies:

1. Baby blankets with hoods

2. Long-sleeve vests or thermal wear to protect the baby’s skin from coming in direct contact with woolen clothes

3. Body suits or two-piece clothing

4. Cardigans or sweaters. Nothing beats the hand-knitted ones cause they are so warm.

5. Woolen caps and warm bootiesClothes for Your New Born Baby 04

Clothes you’ll need for Summer Babies:

1. Short sleeve baby vests

2. Sleep suits

3. Cotton caps or hats to protect the baby’s eyes from sun during outings

4. Muslin sheets or cloths to be used while carrying the baby in prams

5. Cotton mittens and socks with loose ends.lothes for Your New Born Baby 09

Now, that we have tried to decode your life a bit, so, do make your shopping experience all the more enjoyable. Have fun shopping mommies & daddies!

Here is wishing you a lot of ‘Awww moments’ and ATB to the expecting couples!


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