5 Healthy Fats For Your Kids

by Urvashi Newar

The key is to give your child a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients. Read on to know about 5 healthy fats which you can effortlessly include in your kid’s daily diet plan

The moment we hear the word ‘fat’, we think it is something that is not good for our kids. However, the truth is that fat is an important part of any healthy diet plan and it is one of the main sources of energy. Fats help to absorb certain vitamins like A, D, E & K and are even building blocks of hormones. Healthy fats in food help kids to feel full, which means you do not have to worry about your kids overeating. Good enough reason to include them in your child’s daily diet plan.Healthy Fats For Your Kids 01

Before we tell you about three healthy fats for your kids, let us give you a brief  about types of fats:

1. Unsaturated fats: You will find this kind of plant foods and fish. They are good for heart health and can work wonders for your child’s growth and development

2. Saturated fats: Meat and animal products like cheese and butter have this kind of fat. You will also find saturated fats in palm and coconut oil. It is advised to consume these fats in limited quantity

3. Trans fats: You will find this kind of fats in foods that you buy from the store like cookies, cakes, and fried food items. You must try and avoid this kind of fats in your child’s daily diet plan.

Now that you know about the types of fats, let us tell you about 5 healthy fats for your kids. 

1. Avocado:

This is a great source of healthy fat. You can slice an avocado and use it as a topping for casseroles or tacos. Also, you can make guacamole dip and use it for making sandwiches and wraps. If your child is fond of smoothies, then you can make a yummy avocado smoothie.

2. Whole eggs:

You can fry and serve it with a sandwich or you can even hard boil an egg for snack time. Another great way is to bake an egg in a breakfast casserole.Healthy Fats For Your Kids 02

3. Olive oil:

This one is an amazing source of healthy fat. You can toss vegetables in olive oil before roasting. Also, you can use olive oil in baked food items which you make for your kids. It tastes well with hummus tooHealthy Fats For Your Kids 03

4. Seeds and nuts:

You can make nut butter and use it in sandwiches or in baked food items. Also, you can blend them in smoothies. Another great way to include seeds and nuts is by making energy bites for your childHealthy Fats For Your Kids 04

5. Whole milk yogurt:

This one is also a very good source of healthy fat. You can add it to smoothies or just top it with some fresh fruits. Whole milk yogurt can be used in baking alsoHealthy Fats For Your Kids 05

Healthy fats are important for your child’s brain development. As children grow, their brain develops rapidly and this is why the proper fat intake is crucial. So, go ahead include these healthy fats in your child’s daily diet plan and see the magic working.









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