5 Important Child-Safety Tips I Will Take This Holi

by Udita Saklani

Follow these safety tips for your child this Holi and have fun while celebrating the festival with your family

The month of March marks the end of the long winter solstice and the beginning of a beautiful spring period. Think of March, and the first thing that hits you is that Holi is right around the corner. Holi is next most popular to Diwali and makes kids equally excited, if not less.Child safety tips 01

Holi is synonymous with a splash of colors, water, and some scrumptious foods to satiate our taste buds. The excitement in kids can be seen roughly a week before the actual festival. In fact, Holi can very well be regarded as the festival where people play pranks on one another and don’t even mind because of the popular saying ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’. But amidst all the fun and revelry, precautions and safety measures need to be taken here as well.

We present to you some essential and much-needed tips this Holi season:

1. Use Sunscreen:

One of the very first precautions which come to our mind when we think of Holi is how to protect our skin from the colors. While there are herbal colors available in the market quite easily these days, but there is still a one percent chance of a certain bad quality color reacting with the skin. With childcare has to be taken with double the precautions when it comes to their extra sensitive skin. Applying a thick layer of sunscreen or your favorite lotion can help a great deal in layering that skin and forming a barrier between the color and the skin.Child safety tips 02

If you still want, you can go one step ahead and apply pure coconut oil or home-made ghee. Both are safe to apply and will keep your little one’s skin and hair protected from harsh colors if any.

2. Safe Use of Pichkaris:

It is important to teach our kids, the safe and the correct usage of pichkaris. Even while Holi is a festival of colors and fun, there are a lot of times when people have fallen prey to accidental playing. Thus, teaching them that putting water on others when they are not aware is a big no-no. Plus sensitive body parts such as eyes and ears should be avoided.Child safety tips 03

3. Say No to Water Balloons:

One of the prime reasons which 9 out of ten people give for not stepping out on this auspicious festival is a water balloon. Water balloons can be extremely risky if they land on your face from a distance. There have been many cases where kids and adults both have landed in hospitals soon after being hit by a water balloon. Thus, it is important to teach our kids that balloons are a strict no-no and hence should be completely avoided at any circumstances.Child safety tips 04

4. Wear Appropriate Clothes:

Since Holi is all about color smothering, it is wise enough to make your children wear full sleeves clothes. The main aim idea is to keep the body covered and avoid as much direct contact as possible.Child safety tips 05

5. Be Safe, Aware and Cautious: 

As much as Holi is a festival of kids, adults also take part in it. The flip side to this is that a lot of them get involved on so-called ‘Holi Revelry’. That makes parents a bit apprehensive and leaving them unattended while they are enjoying this colorful festival is not something most parents would approve of. But sometimes kids do get playful and it becomes impossible to monitor them all the time. Thus, it’s a good decision to teach them to be aware of their surroundings and watch out in case of any rowdy behavior.

Chld safety tips 06

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