3 Life lessons I learnt from my child

What values are important to teach a child? Here are three life lessons I learnt from my little man and you’d be surprised to read this

I knew everything there was to know about life, lessons it has to teach. I thought I had learnt all the life lessons, before I had my son. But a short while after my son Harshal turned one, I realized how little I knew about the word called ‘life’. Guess what? In these four years my son has taught me as much as I was ever taught by my teachers. I’m learning some of the best and most important life lessons from this boy. And I doubt if I will ever stop learning from them.Life lessons I learnt from my child 01

I am amazed at how motherhood for me has become a never-ending course in reshaping the meaning of life and how I must live it. With Harshal’s curiosity and innocence being the catalytic agent for major life-lessons, in the first few years of his life I learned about..

The Art of Balancing and How to Let go…

Let go of judgement. More than anything else, just how short-lived it all really is, happiness, sorrow, and life. I’m a bit of a control freak. I have always applied perfectly good energy trying to strategize, forecast, and avoid things that I by no means can conceivably plan, predict, or prevent.

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This post has been originally created and published for The Quint


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