Anyone else not ready for a second child? Because I’m not

Here is a short and super amusing story of a mother who is determined not to get pregnant again! Read on to know why most mothers today aren’t ready for a second child!

Of late, I’ve been taking a lot of those silly online quizzes. In fact, I just took this one that wanted to know if I was really ready for another baby. At the start of the quiz was a disclaimer. It read – “Only take the quiz if you want to learn about what questions to ask yourself before getting pregnant again, and how things change when you decide to grow your family.”not-ready-for-a-second-child-01

The disclaimer was revolting!

And I will tell you exactly why…

At a family gathering the other day, I was watching a friend sitting in a distant corner. She was looking supremely hassled, digesting the information that ladies around her were throwing at her – basically, everything to do with having a BIG family. All of a sudden, she rose to her feet (as the room fell silent) and screamed – “Anyone else not ready for baby number 2? Cause I am NOT!” And then she rushed to the nearby washroom.

That scene was both melodramatic and hilarious. Continue Reading..





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