Stalking girls is NOT okay! A letter to my son

Expert 04Take a look at this extremely controversial letter to a son from mother. This is exactly how to teach your son why stalking girls is not okay!



Dear Son,
I look at you growing up slowly. I observe your little steps turning into big leaps and my heart itself takes a leap of pride. Today, I saw you befriend our new neighbour’s daughter. I couldn’t help but laugh at your awkwardness and bewilderment on first seeing the girl.  Having never had a girl your age to play with before, I could understand your confusion. Son, I think it is time I tell you about how to treat girls. They are no different than you, and are as humanly as you. And yet they are different in many ways. Remember when you had asked me why your father and I look so different? This is why! Girls look different and they wear different clothes, but just like you, even they don’t like being teased, or being touched. You feel shy to change your clothes in front of people, right? The same way a girl would not like anyone staring at her. Especially if such staring is without her knowledge or consent. It is an invasion of her privacy. And such a person is called a STALKER! Continue Reading…


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