5 Funny motherhood quotes for a mommy from a mommy

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on August 26, 2015

Up for some real fun mother sayings today? Well, then let me hear back from you if you think these 5 funny motherhood quotes apply to you too ūüėČ

1. Start your day with a cup of an extra strong tea or coffee.. Because you need Energy‚ąě today and everydayFunny motherhood quotes 012. Now, that the husband has gone to work and the child is off to school, it‚Äôs time for some luxury (reading, relaxing, watching TV)..Just kidding! Get started with that pile of dirty laundry, dishes and everything in between!Funny motherhood quotes 02

3. Feel like taking a nap? Yah! Sure, but only after you have fed your second one, changed his diaper, washed his ‚Äėfavorite‚Äô sippy cup, found out that the last wet-wipe was used for all the kitchen cleaning and decided a trip to the grocery shop while the second one is crying his lungs out!Funny motherhood quotes 03

4. And they are all back!! Hurry, hurry, go take a shower and wear the brightest smile ever ūüôāFunny motherhood quotes 04

5. You are doing a good job, Mommy! I mean, afterall, you didn‚Äôt have any experience before you got started with the business of mommy-hood ūüėČ

Funny motherhood quotes 05

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