Liebster Award – The Champa Tree

Liebster Award - The Champa Tree

Liebster Award – The Champa Tree 01


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    $ Mili/Milie मिली- met, happened, united, mixed,
    to cause to meet with anybody
    $ Milika मिलिका- to meet with anybody, join,
    assemble, happen

    Meelika मीलिका- black brass

    $ Meelita मीलिता- to close (the eyes or
    blossoms), wink,to assemble

    Milita मिलिता- met, encountered, united,

    mixed, occurred
    ■ Mohika मोहिका- attractive, fascinating

    Mohakshi मोहाक्षी- one having attractive or

    fascinating eyes .Here मोह means fascinating
    +अक्षि means eyes

    Marisa/Maarisa मारिसा- respectable or worthy

    person, worthy friend.It is feminine form of Pali
    language word मारिस which is derived in Pali
    from Sanskrit word मार्ष/मारिष with same

    Mihi मिही- mist, fog, downpour of water.It has

    derived from Sanskrit word मिह्
    ♣ Menula मेनुला- (probably)necessity, obligation,
    any fix rule or law, restriction.It is feminine form
    of मेनुल which is endearment form of word मेन as a
    name of a person in Sanskrit
    ◀ Mahini महिनी- gladsome lady, mighty, earth
    ☆ Mahaani महानी- great
    ★ Mahaana महाना- great
    ●Mohita मोहिता-fascinated, deluded, deceived

    Mohanalata/Mohanlata मोहनलता- a plant which

    has fascinating power

    Maani मानी- measure

    ▲ Mahimayi महीमयी- earth compared to a ship

    Meghasvana मेघस्वना- sounding like a thunder-


    Meghasakhi मेघसखी- cloud-friend. Here मेघ

    means cloud +सखी means friend
    ☆ Meghaja मेघजा- cloud-born,large-pearl
    ■ Megharekha/Megh Rekha मेघरेखा- a line of cloud

    Meghalekha/Megh Lekha मेघलेखा- a line of cloud

    Megharava मेघरवा- thundering like a cloud. Here

    मेघ means cloud +रव means sound, thunder
    ◆ Manojyaa मनोज्ञा- lovely, beautiful, agreeable
    to mind, royal jasmine, princess
    ♣ Manogavi मनोगवी- desire, wish

    Manomayi मनोमयी- self-willed, spiritual

    ☆ Manita मनिता- understood, known

    Maanita मानिता- honoured, pride, esteeming

    Mananyaa मनन्या- deserving praise

    ★ Mauli/Maulee मौली- earth

    Mauli मौलि- best, crown, foremost

    Miti मिति- measure, proof, weight

    Modini मोदिनी- one that delights, musk, types

    of jasmine

    Medinija मेदिनीजा- earth-born, daughter of

    earth, an epithet for godess Sita

    Medini मेदिनी- earth, soil, place, a kind of

    musical composition, Malay beechwood
    ◀ Mukuli मुकुली- bud, body

    Mukulita मुकुलिता -budded, budding, full of

    #Mariyaa मारीया- belonging to god of love.It is
    feminine form of मारीय
    #Madrika मद्रिका/माद्रिका- A princess of
    Madras,Madras lady,Melodious, joyful one
    #Mahela महेला -woman, lady
    #Mahelika महेलिका- woman
    #Mimanksha मिमङ्क्षा- wish to plunge in water
    #Minakshi मीनाक्षी – ‘fish-eyed’,one having
    beautiful eyes similar to a fish, Name of a godess
    worshipped at Madura & commonly called
    #Mimati मिमति- (verb) to move, to sound
    #Mimaati मिमाति- (verb)bellow, roar
    #Minanetraa मीननेत्रा – ‘fish-eyed’, a species of
    #Misi मिसि/मिसी- Muskroot plant
    [Nardostachys Jatamansi-Bot.], Dill & Fennel
    [Anethum Sowa & Panmori-Bot.]
    #Mishi मिशि/मिशी – Anise, Dill and Fennel plant
    #Mishika मिषिका- Muskroot
    #Mimansa मीमांसा- profound thought or
    reflection or Consideration ,
    investigation , examination , discussion
    ” examination of the Vedic text ” , Name of one of
    the 3 great divisions of orthodox Hindū
    philosophy (divided into 2 systems , viz. the
    Pūrva-mīmānsā/पूर्व मीमांसा or Karma-mīmānsā
    कर्म मीमांसा by Jaimini ,
    concerning itself chiefly with the correct
    interpretation of Vedic ritual and text , and
    usually called the Mīmānsā ; and the Uttara-
    mīmānsā /उत्तर मीमांसा or Brahma-mīmānsā/बह्म
    मीमांसा or Śārīraka-mīmānsā/शारीरक मीमांसा
    by Bādarāya ṇa , commonly styled the Ved�nta
    and dealing chiefly with the nature of Brahma or
    the one universal Spirit)
    #Mantha मन्था- a churning stick
    #Masina/Maseena मसीना- Linseed [Linum
    Utsitatissimum Bot.]
    #Mashi मषी/मषि – ink
    #Masi मसी- ink
    #Masidhani मसीधानी- an inkstand. Here मसी
    means ink + धानी means what holds
    #Masijal मसीजल- writing ink. Here मसी meaning
    ink + जल means water
    #Masiprasu मसीप्रसू- inkstand
    #Mahimna महिम्ना- greatness, glory, mightily
    #Mahimati महिमति- high-minded.Here means
    महि means great, high + मति means mind
    #Meeva मीवा-air, wind
    #Mitri मित्री- female friend
    #Mitraa मित्रा- female friend
    #Mitravati मित्रवती- friendly, having friends
    #Mitradha मित्रधा -n a friendly manner
    #Maahaki माहकि- descendant of an eminent
    man, scion of ‘Mahak’ In Sanskrit Mahak/महक
    means an eminent man
    #Masadha मासधा- monthly, by the month
    #Masika मसिका- ‘Ink’, a plant [Nycyanthes
    #Mahija महीजा- earth-born, an epithet for
    godess Sita. Here मही means earth +जा means
    #Mahiyaa महीया- joyousness, exultation,
    #Mahakshi महाक्षी- having great eyes. Here महा
    means great +अक्षि means eyes
    #Madayanti मदयन्ती- Arabian or wild jasmine
    #Madayantika मदयन्तिका- Arabian or wild
    #Moha मोहा- bewilderment, illusion
    #Mohi मोही- bewildering, wonder, amazement,
    #Mohana मोहना- a flower of a sort of jasmine
    #Mohanika मोहनिका- a species of plant,
    fascinating, attractive
    #Malla मल्ला- woman, ornamented person with
    coloured unguents, Arabian
    #Malini मालिनी- female florist
    #Manaaka मनाका- loving woman
    #Manchari मञ्चरी/मंचरी- sprout, shoot of a flower
    #Manjari मञ्जरी/मंजरी- sprout, shoot of a flower
    #Manavi/Maanavi मानवी- woman, lady
    #Manaavi मनावी- God Manu’s wife, first lady on
    #Manaayi/Manayi मनायी- God Manu’s wife, first
    woman on earth
    #Manuja मनुजा- woman, daughter of Lord Manu.
    Here मनु means lord manu or human +जा means
    born from, daughter
    #Manuji मनुजी- woman, daughter of Manu
    #Mrigakshi मृगाक्षी- deer-eyed. Here मृग means
    deer +अक्षि means eyes
    #Mriganayani मृगनयनी- deer-eyed.Here मृग means
    deer +नयनी means eyes, pupil of eye
    #Mriganayana मृगनयना- deer-eyed. Here मृग
    means deer +नयना means eyes
    #Malika मलिका- queen
    #Maalika मालिका- garland, daughter
    #Mahita महिता- esteemed, worshipped,

    Mahinavati माहिनवती- great, excited

    Maharajni/Maharajani महारजनी- dyed with

    ▶ Maheyi माहेयी- cow
    ★ Maheshi माहेशी- Durga (wife of Mahesha/महेश),
    great godess

    Maheshvari/Maheshwari महेश्वरी-Durga (Wife of Shiva), great

    godess. Here महा means great +ईश्वरी means

    Maaheshvari/Maaheshwari माहेश्वरी- Durga (Wife of

    Mahesha/महेश),great godess

    Mahendri माहेन्द्री- Wife of lord Indra[queen of

    Swarga or paradise], east
    ♣ Mehana मेहना- lady, (ind.) in streams,

    Mehanavati मेहनावती- bestowing abundantly

    ♥ Menila मेनिला- It was the name of a princess
    in India.So according to some people it means a
    princess. But according to me it is endearment
    form of ‘Mena/मेना’.Hence it has different
    meanings according to different person.
    Menila मेनिला means-‘endearment form of Mena’,
    woman, female, princess
    ◀ Mena मेना means-a female, woman, speech
    (वाच्,), (also refers to female of any animal
    I.e.mare, cow)
    it is the name of most beautiful apsara in
    heaven.She was wife of king ‘Himavat /हिमवत’ &
    mother of godess ‘Parvati’ (पार्वती)
    ◀ Menaka मेनका – female , a woman.It was
    another name of mena.She Is most beautiful
    maiden in swarga/heaven. She is one of most
    beautiful woman in world
    ☆ Menaja मेनाजा -daughter of ‘Mena’ , a
    name of godess ‘Parvati’

    Menakatmaja मेनकात्मजा – daughter of

    Mena , Godess Durga
    ▶ Malliमल्लि -Jasmine, seat, earthenware
    ■ Maaki माकी -Heaven and Earth
    ★ Muktika मुक्तिका -Pearl

    Mukhashri/Mukhshri मुखश्री -beautiful faced, beauty

    of countenance

    Mukharika मुखरिका -conversation, talking

    Mukulika मुकुलिका -low or humming

    sound made to lull a child to sleep

    Mukulita मुकुलता -full of blossoms, bud,


    Mallini मल्लिनी -a name of tree ‘hiptage


    Mayusavi मयूस्वी – ray

    ◀ Mahar महर् -fourth of 7 worlds which rise
    one above other (in Hindu mythology)

    Mainavi मैनवी -a kind of gait or

    movement.It is derived from Sanskrit word मैन
    which means relating to fish.Hence it can also
    refer as one who moves or walks like a fish

    Manojyata मनोज्ञता -loveliness

    ▼ Malakaमलाका -female messenger,
    #Marisha मारिषा -respectable, worthy

    Manasi मनसि – mind

    ☆ Manasi/Maanasi मानसी -mental or
    spiritual devotion

    Madiyaa मदीया -mine

    ★ Mahika महिका -Mist ,fog, earth
    ● Miha मिहा -fog .It is derived from
    Sanskrit word मिह्

    Maunika मौनिका – like a saint. It is feminine of मौनिक

    ◀ Madri/Maadri माद्री -personification of happiness,
    happy lady or joyful girl, Melodious, a term used
    for princess of state ‘Madras’ . In Mahabharata it
    was a name of wife of King ‘Pandu”& second
    mother of Pandavas.It is derived from Sanskrit
    word (madra)
    * Madrika माद्रिका – A madras princess , a
    Madras lady, Melodious, happy girl
    ▶ Mura/Muraa मुरा -species of fragrant
    plant.It was the name of king ‘Chandragupta’s mother
    ♧ Madrajani मद्राजनी – tongue or voice,
    uttering pleasant sounds
    ☆ Mandayanti मण्डयन्ती -woman ,
    ornamented one
    ● Mandasmita मन्दस्मिता-( as a noun)smile,
    gentle laugh. Here मन्द means slow + स्मिता means laugh
    ♣ Mandra मन्द्रा – (as an adjective) large ,
    firm, slow, thick
    ■ Mandri मन्द्री -sounding or speaking
    pleasantly, low, charming, hollow
    ■ Manda मण्डा -brandy, myrobalan tree

    Manda मन्दा -inkstand, vessel, pot

    ★ Mandura मन्दुरा -brandy, Myrobalan tree

    Mandahasini मन्दहसिनी – smile, laughing

    slowly. Here मन्द means slow + हासिनी means laughing woman
    ▶ Mandavi माण्डवी -decorated girl, well
    ornamented one, of or relating to spiritous liquor,
    brandy .It is derived from Sanskrit word मण्ड/ मण्डु
    which means decoration, ornaments, spirituous or
    vinous liquor, brandy, clothed

    Meaning of Sanskrit girl names starting from P
    ◀ Punika पुणिका -virtuous or pious lady. It is derived from Sanskrit word पुण्
    * Putakini पुटकिनी -a lotus or group of lotuses
    ● Pishangita पिशङ्गिता/ पिशंगिता- dyed reddish-yellow. It is feminine of पिशङ्गित
    ☆ Pishangila पिशङ्गिला/पिशंगिला- reddish. It is feminine of पिशङ्गिल
    ◆ Pipyata पिप्यटा -sugar
    ▶ Piprisha पिप्रीषा -desire of pleasing or showing kindness
    ♣ Pippaka पिप्पका -a species of bird
    ♡ Pippata पिप्पटा -a kind of sweetmeat
    ☆ Prithushri पृथुश्री -having great fortune ,highly prosperous. Here पृथु means great + श्री means fortune
    ● Prithusena पृथुसेना -extensive army. Here पथु means extensive + सेना means army
    ◀ Prithuka पृथुका -a girl
    ◀ Prithula पृथुला -broad ,large, great, a species of plant = [ hingu-pattrī ]
    ♥ Prithulakshi/Prithulaxi पृथुलाक्षी -“large-eyed woman”. Here पृथुल means large + अक्षि means eye
    @ Prithvika पृथ्विका -earth
    ★ Prithvija/Prithwija पृथ्वीजा “earth-born” ,goddess Sita. Here पृथ्वी means earth + जा means born
    ☆ Prithivija/Prithiwija पृथिवीजा -“earth-born” . Here पृथिवी means earth + जा means born
    ◀ Prishti पृष्टि -touch, a rib, a ray of light
    @ Prishthaga पृष्ठगा -mounted or riding on. It is feminine of पृष्ठग
    * Peki पेकि -a species of bird
    € Perani पेरणी -(in music) a kind of dance.
    * Pera पेरा -a kind of musical instrument
    ■ Pelavi/Pelawi पेलवी -fine, soft ,tender ,slim ,slender .It is feminine of पेलव
    ◀ Peshana पेशना-well formed ,beautiful. It is feminine of पेशन
    ★ Peshala पेशला -artificially formed ,adorned ,
    beautiful ,charming ,lovely, soft, delicate
    expert ,skilful, crafty. It is feminine of पेशल
    * Peshalakshi/Peshalaxi पेशलाक्षी -having beautiful eyes. Here पेशल means beautiful + अक्षि means eyes
    ● Peshaskari पेशस्कारी -a female embroiderer
    * Peshaswati/Peshasvati पेशस्वती -decorated , adorned. It is feminine of पेशस्वत्

    Meaning of Sanskrit girl names starting from D
    ♧ Dyujiva द्युजीवा- ‘sky-diameter’, the diameter of
    a circle made by an asterism in its daily
    Here द्यु means sky +जीवा means diameter

    Dyujyaa द्युज्या- ‘sky-diameter’, the diameter of

    a circle made by an asterism in its daily
    Here द्यु means sky +ज्या means diameter
    ◀ Dyunisha द्युनिशा- day & night
    Here द्यु means day +निशा means night
    ♥Dyuti द्युति- splendour, majesty, dignity, lustre
    ■ Dyutita द्युतिता- splendour, dignity, illume
    It is feminine form of द्युतित
    ■ Dyutikari द्युतिकरी- producing splendour,
    illuminating, beautiful
    Here द्युति means splendour, beauty +कर means
    producing, making, having
    It is feminine form of द्युतिकर
    ☆ Dyutimati द्युतिमति-of brilliant understanding,
    Here द्युति means brilliant, clear +मति means
    minded, mind

    Dyutimati द्युतिमती- bright, dignified

    Here द्युति means brightness, dignity +मती means
    one having

    Dyuvadhu द्युवधू- divine female, Apsaras

    Here द्यु means divine +वधू means female
    ♥ Dyustri द्युस्त्री- divine female, Apsaras
    Here द्यु means divine +स्त्री means female
    ◀ Dyunadi द्युनदी- divine river
    Here द्यु means heaven, divine +नदी means river

    Dyumnavati द्युम्नवती- inspired or clearly

    sounding, strong
    $ Dyumnini द्युम्निनी- majestic, strong, inspired,
    fierce. It is feminine form of द्युम्निन्

    Dyumnasati द्युम्नसाति- receiving inspiration or

    .Hereद्युम्न means inspiration or power + साति
    means to receive
    $ Dyumnoda द्युम्नोदा- granting splendour. Here
    द्युम्नः/द्युम्नो means splendour + दा means to

    Dyuchara द्युचरा- walking or moving in heaven,

    an inhabitant of heaven. Here द्यु means heaven,
    sky + चर means moving .It is feminine of द्युचर

    Dikkanya/Dikkanyaa दिक्कन्या- a quarter of sky

    defined as a young virgin. Here दिक् means a
    quarter of sky, any direction + कन्या means young
    virgin (girl)
    $ Dikkari दिक्करी- a young lady, “youthful”
    ♥ Devaja देवजा- “god-born”, divine, daughter of
    god. Here देव means God + जा means born
    $ Devajami देवजामि- peculiar to gods, sister of
    gods. Here देव means God + जामि means sister,

    Devananda/Devnanda देवनन्दा- ‘gods joy’

    $ Devana देवना- sport, pastime, service

    Daivajyaa दैवज्ञा- female astrologer. Here दैव

    means destiny or fate + ज्ञा means one who

    Devamitra/Devmitra देवमित्रा- female friend of

    lord, God’s friend
    $ Devasakhi/Devsakhi देवसखी- female friend of

    Devavrata देवव्रता- devoted to gods, religious

    $ Devapriya देवप्रिया- “dear to god”, beloved of
    gods, godess. Here देव means God + प्रिया
    means beloved
    ◀ Dewila देविला- virtuous, divine. It is feminine of देविल
    $ Daiviki दैविकी- divine, peculiar or relating to
    $ Devaki देवकी- divine, celestial, who or what

    Devaka देवका- divine, celestial

    $ Devakanya/Devkanya देवकन्या- a celestial
    maiden, a nymph (Apsara). Here देव means
    celestial + कन्या means maiden, girl

    Devakanyaka/Devkanyaka देवकन्यका- a celestial,

    maiden, a nymph (Apsara). Here देव means god,
    celestial + कन्यका means maiden, girl
    $ Devakanta/Devkanta देवकान्ता- “god-loved”, godess. Here देव means lord, god + कान्ता means loved one,

    Devakiri/Devkiri देवकिरी- Name of a ragini regarded as मेघराग

    $ Devakami/Devkami देवकामी- loving the gods,
    pious. It is feminine form of देवकाम

    Devasuta देवसुता- “daughter of god”, a celestial

    maiden. Here देव means God, celestial + सुता
    means daughter
    $ Devavatsa देववत्सा- “daughter of god”, a
    celestial maiden. Here देव means God + वत्सा
    means daughter

    Devatmaja देवात्मजा- “daughter of god”. Here

    देव means God, celestial + आत्मजा means
    daughter, born from

    Devika देविका- goddess,a female deity, a lower

    class of goddesses
    $ Deviki देविकी- appertaining to or derived from
    a deity
    ♥ Dishani दिशानी- instructor in sacred
    ♥ Dishana दिशाना- Instructor in sacred
    ♥ Divyani दिव्यानि- heavenly, divine,
    $ Divyaa दिव्या- heavenly, magical, angelic,

    Divyangana दिव्याङ्गना/दिव्यांगना- divine girl,

    nymph. Here दिव्य means divine + अङ्गना means
    $ Divyati दिव्यति- longing for heaven

    Deevyati दीव्यति- sport, shine, increase, praise,

    rejoice, wish for
    $ Divyakriti दिव्याकृति- very beautiful, of divine
    form. Here दिव्य means divine + आकृति means

    Divyalata दिव्यलता- divine creeper, Ceylon

    bowstring hemp. Here दिव्य means divine + लता
    means creeper
    $ Divyanari दिव्यनारी- divine female, Apsaras
    (nymph). Here दिव्य means divine +नारी means

    Divyarupa दिव्यरूपा- of a divine aspect,

    beautiful lady, of divine form. Here दिव्य means
    divine, beautiful +रूप/रूपा means aspect, form
    $ Ditsa दित्सा- desire or intention of giving

    Ditsita दित्सिता- wished to be given

    $ Diti दिति- brightness, splendour, liberality,
    dividing, distributing

    Devayavari देवयावरी- going to the gods,

    $ Devayajini देवयाजिनी- sacrificing to the gods
    ♥Devaya देवया (adj.) longing for gods, going to
    the gods

    Devayani देवयानी- leading to the gods,serving

    them(gods) as a way,vehicle of a god, way
    leading to the gods
    $ Devayati देवयति (verb) loving or serving the
    gods, religious, divine or shining, cause to play or
    to sport

    Devayajyaa/Devyajyaa देवयज्या- worship of the

    $ Devayatra/Devyatra देवयात्रा- idol procession
    ♥ Devachi देवाची- directed towards the gods

    Devanchi देवाञ्ची/देवांची- directed towards the

    gods, turned towards the gods
    $ Devatma देवात्मा- The mother of the gods,
    divine soul
    .Here देव means divine, god + आत्मा means soul

    Devatmashakti देवात्मशक्ति -the power of the

    soul. It is joining of देव +आत्म+ शक्ति
    @ Dombi डोम्बी- a kind of drama
    * Dombuli डोम्बुली- (in music) a kind of measure
    ☆Dodahi डोडही- a kind of flute
    ◆Dora डोरा- a string
    ★Doradi डोरडी- a kind of solanum
    ♧ Dola डोला- a swing
    ☆ Dimpi डिम्पी- direct, collect, throw. It is feminine of डिम्प्
    ★ Dikkari डिक्करी- a young woman
    ▶ Dikkarika डिक्करिका- a young woman
    ● Dambha डम्भा- a weapon
    ♣Duli डुली- a kind of pot-herb
    ★ Dulika डुलिका- a kind of bird resembling a wagtail
    ♣ Datkriti डात्कृति -howling
    ◀ Damara डामरा- causing tumult, extraordinary, surprising. It is feminine of डामर
    ♥ Dindima डिण्डिमा-a kind of drum, clamour. It is feminine of डिण्डिम


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