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by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on May 16, 2015

So excited to be nominated for Liebster Award. Means a lot to me. Thanks so much Vasantha, founder of My Sweet Nothings! I am honored 🙂

Liebster Award - The Champa Tree

My Sweet Nothings is an amazing blog. I am so proud of Vasantha for she is probably a workaholic who contributed for BlogAdda and IMC (Indian Moms Connect) on a regular basis. Her honesty comes across through her writing. I love Mithu’s Section. I hope Brat H can also make such fab drawings when he grows up 🙂

So, here are the rules for the award as usual:

Thank the nominating blogger

Display the award in a blog entry

List the award guidelines so your nominees will know what to do

Answer questions from the nominating blogger

Nominate your blogger friends for the award

Give your nominees questions to answer

My answers to Vasantha’s questions:

1. Who has the biggest influence on you?
My maternal grandfather, he has been my mentor. A learned man and really ahead of his times (even back in those days)! He is the reason why my mother is so fond of literature and meaningful art/cinema/music. He is the reason why I blog. He has gone through a lot. In the winter of 2013, we lost him to Cancer. The death was painless.. He died in his sleep. Till date, I regret not being there for him when he was probably counting days. Not having enough courage or time to meet him during and at that time. This regret does take a toll on me at times. And I conceived exactly after 7 months of his death. I believe that its him who has come back to me in the form of my son. So, yeah, he has influenced me, touched my life, inspired me.

2. What do you like and dislike about blogging?
Like: I can express myself. My father always tells me that I am pretty bad when it comes to expressing myself. So, he encouraged me to write. Writing is truly a blessing for me. I am able to put my thoughts across, plain and transparent. That’s what I love about blogging. Besides, when I am writing, it feels like I am in some other world.. A world full of love, emotions, freedom, sanity, simplicity…
Hate: Technicalities..;)

3. What do you think of India?
India..Still emerging.. Though I want a better India for my son..

4. What would you dislike in my blog?
Nothing at all..Dislike is a strong word..

5. What is your best-kept secret?
I am bad at keeping secrets. I am an outspoken life is an open book. Nothing hidden..

6. One line advice for new bloggers.
Write..write for yourself, pass on the legacy of writing to your children. Write about the glorious past, beautiful present, write about future that is yet to unfold.. write about yourself, your lovers, your family, your friends, your fears, your happy moments, write fables, create magic, throw in some glitter and add a bit of a drama.. Writing is the only proof of existence..existence of emotions and beliefs!
Nominate your blogger friends for the award:

1. Joe Medler from Developing Dad

2. WeeOhana from WeeOhana

3. Tanushree Singh from Random Thoughts

4. Charu Amar from Mutter-n-Tochter

5. Sally from Never Trust a Jellyfish

Give your nominees questions to answer: 

1. Define your life in a couple of lines..

2. Your favorite song/ movie/ book and why?

3. Your likes and dislikes.. Go on! Tell us as much as you want. I am all ears 😉

4. What is your blog all about? Tell us what we don’t know!

5. Happiness means to you..? Could be as simple as an ice-cream flavor/ Pulling your kid’s cheek or waking up to a cup of coffee

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10 thoughts on “Liebster Award”

  1. Congratulations TCT! You really deserve this award. I am sure you’ll get more soon. My day starts with reading your blog. Lovely every piece of it… Once again, many congratulations and best of luck for future endeavors. 🙂 Cheers!!!

  2. Eeek <3 Thanks a million!
    Feeling a lot of love right now! =]
    Love your other nominations too! Having a good old nosey at there blogs now! =]

  3. Beautifully written I really appreciated the depth and honesty to your answers. I think that’s why we follow each other on our blogging journey’s because we are so much alike in our honest writing. Well done I have a soft spot for Developing Dad as well. 😊