Handmade Gift Ideas

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on December 27, 2014

Check out a few wonderful handmade Christmas Gift Ideas that were showered upon Brat H this X’Mas. Do read his Thank you Note too!

My Christmas stocking was so nicely stuffed with a really cool puffer jacket- Thanks Dad and extra thanks for getting it in color red.

Ma gave me 2 little caps and I looked like a little Santa in them. 

Handmade Gift Ideas 3

Oh! Look, Ma and Dad are wishing me Merry Christmas. Look at all these gifts!

Handmade Gift Ideas 5

Let me OPEN them all at once!

Handmade Gift Ideas 4

Hehehe..Now, I love all things RED!

Handmade Gift Ideas 6

Hmmm, I was kind of thinking about my SECRET SANTA! Is that you Ma? Is that you Dad?

I had a few handmade gifts that made my day!

Handmade woollen cap (Bob Marley style)- Thanks to Dada-Dadi (Dad’s parents/ My paternal grandparents). 

Handmade traditional wooden toy and a little birdie nest- Thanks to Nana-Nani (Ma’s parents/ My maternal grandparents). 

Handmade Gift Ideas 2

Thank you all and I loved unwrapping those gifts with my tiny little hands.Besides, I made beautiful memories of receiving gifts and love from my Ma and Dad!

– Wet kisses, Brat H

PS: Do I look like Bob Marley?

Handmade Gift Ideas 7

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  1. That was really cute 🙂 Have you ever been to CraftFurnish online store? They have a vast collection of beautiful handmade gift options available online.

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