Importance of Early Childhood Education in Child Development

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

Read on to know why is early childhood education important and from which age onward should a parent start prepping up the child!

A child’s mind is not only a tabula rasa, but is also filled with a lot of curiosity to know and learn more. The importance of early childhood education ensures seamless brain development. Well, the education that a child receives early on, paves the way for the learning process. Infact, have you ever wondered when is the time to start preparing the children for the demands and challenges they would come across in future? Early Childhood Education 01

Though a child starts learning and responding to things from the environment that it gets, it’s the kindergarten or playschool where the formal education actually begins. The pre-schooling prepares the young ones for a smooth transition into elementary school. The age for pre-schooling can be anywhere from 2-2.5 years onward. So what is the importance and benefit of early childhood education in child development? Here are a few of them:

1. It makes a positive impact on the child:

A good preschool or playschool can make a positive impact on the child. It can give the child a good head start in life towards a bright future.Early Childhood Education 02

2. Socialization:

At home the child lives in a protected environment. When in social gatherings or out of home, the child has the benefit of being under the care of one of the family members. It is only at a playschool where the child can be on its own and learn to socialize without parental discretion. Socialization is the most essential building blocks to acquire further social skills and learning.

3. Learning to share and co-operate:

Most of the families today are nuclear families with a single child. Going to school from an early age provides the child a safe and controlled environment outside home to learn to share, co-operate and persevere.Early Childhood Education 03

4. Respecting others:

This virtue is learnt by the little ones when they play, learn and participate in their daily activities in school. They not only learn to respect people but the environment, other life in general, their own and other belongings.

5. Teamwork:

Most of the activities in preschool are done in teams. From eating to drawing to games, everything teaches the child to respect others opinion, listen and co-operate, and to also voice one’s opinion in an amiable way. A child who learns to work in a team from an early age is more attuned socially later in life.

6. Confidence and self-esteem:

A very important aspect of a healthy personality, the base for confidence and self-esteem is also set from a very early age. Positive interaction with teachers and peers helps the child to develop a strong sense of well-being. This in turn boosts the confidence, self-esteem and optimism in the child to learn and explore their talents and skills.Early Childhood Education 04

7. Patience and resilience:

Waiting for one’s turn to go up on the slide, standing in a queue, sharing the teacher’s attention, eating what is served, coping with a failure or rejoicing in victory – learning to do these in a positive environment helps the child to be patient and resilient.

8. Value for education and zest for lifelong learning:

While parents remain the biggest influence on a child’s early life, the school plays a crucial role to inculcate the value of education and arouse the interest and zest for learning. The love for reading, exploring, discovering and learning takes root here.

9. Exposure to diversity:

The need of the hour in today’s volatile environment, every child today needs to learn and respect the diversity of the world that we live in. If a child is taught from early on to love and respect that every religion, culture and belief is unique in its own way, they will truly benefit the society as grown-up individuals.

10. Holistic development:

It is important to build a strong foundation for the child’s physical, emotional, mental and social development to prepare them for a lifetime. Facilitating the child to receive education from an early age helps in the holistic development.

Starting an early education for your child and choosing a good preschool is the first step towards a lifelong learning.



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